Day 4 - GirlsCodersWarsaw (RubyClerks)

July 6, 2015 16:36 UTC Team GirlsCodersWarsaw [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We’ve started our day with the daily stand up - quick review what did we do on Friday, and quick plan for today.
After learning mastering Github we made some issues and task to do. Also we started our practice work with our applications.
Ana: I started my really first app: write a controller, and a model also, made a migration and set a single route. Learn about routing a little bit: how to create routes, about HTTP verbs and path for a certain action.
Basia: I did my first javascript functionality :) Now I have two fields in my form which appear only if one field is checked! Yay :)
I liked the issues in github. There is so many ways to use them. And you can follow my progress now!


and we know how to use basic Markdown


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