Day 01 - Suppa Dupa

July 2, 2016 13:54 UTC Team perifericas (Speakerinnen) [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Ow! What a great beginning.

What we did:
• Organized our work place.
• Setup our working environments and discovered some issues updating or configuring our machines.
• Cloned/forked Speakerinnen's repository.
• Created and shared Trello boards with our supervisor.
• Scheduled a call meeting with our supervisor, mentor and coaches for the next week.
• Had a meeting with our coach at our work place, discussed our plan for the first week, discussed about issues that are open and talked about our plans for the RGSoC.
• Some open issues on Speakerinnen' repo are on germany. We tried to translate with Google, but didn't help that much.
• Check all the discussions about Speakerinnen at the web.
• Updated our social media channels at Twitter and Teams App.

What we are planning for the weekend:

Geisa: i have to figured out what is happening. Can't update Ruby and resolve PostgreSQL' setting. Our coach User_X tried to help us, Emma tried too and i think the better is starting from zero. Installling a XFCE distro or go back to Fedora again. For the record: i use Elementary OS Freya. I've read all the forums trying to get some help.

Emma will figured out and finished the setting of the enviroment. She couldn't update Rails and setting up PostgreSQL too. She uses Fedora distro.

What we are planning for the next monday:

• Talk with our coaches, mentors and supervisor on monday or tuesday and discuss about the project;
• Talk with our mentors about the issues we have to focus on (and have a litlle help with translating some issus in germany);
• Vagrant settings and other requirements;


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