Day 3: It's friday!* :<

July 6, 2015 09:12 UTC Team Tessie [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

  • finally got a hang of the mornings and did our log, social media and todos for the first half of the day
  • last bit of docs/a bit deeper into nobackend and dreamcode
  • structured plan of the showcase app
  • chunking off of app sections and what we'd need to make them
  • had our first check in with our supervisor
  • (gave him awesome tips on how to get crabs to come to your sandcastles)
  • totally broke our team blog
  • awesome ideas from Ramon on simple things to add to the app
  • great point of reference app made by Aaron which we took a peek at (* = that sad face only refers to how sad it is that this awesome week is coming to an end!)


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