Day 51

September 22, 2015 15:31 UTC Team Alster Hamburgers [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

The summer is over and viruses lurk to slow down our last full week. Aya is still sick, and so was one of our mentors, whose session on deploying our code to a virtual machine and test it there will be very useful.

So apart from a supervisor meeting, I attended a ThoughtWorks webinar on opportunities for RGSoC graduates within ThoughtWorks, which was pretty interesting and encouraging, and also read up on a few things like Vagrant. Plus I went back to the tutorial we worked on in our first weeks of the Summer and brushed up on some of the topics that might still come in handy for some of the remaining stories. (Because my summer of code will go a bit into October still, so some time for beautification of our invite codes!)


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