Day 56: Friday

September 21, 2015 09:37 UTC Team Tessie [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today Shelly worked from 3 different countries!

In the morning, there was tippy tapping before breakfast from her table in Vienna.

In the later morning/early afternoon there was tippy tapping from the airport in Bratislava.

There would have been tippy tapping in the sky but the novel I was reading proved to be far too interesting and I read the entire thing during the flight. I finished it and the pilot announced ten mins to landing. Quite nicely timed.

In the later afternoon there was tippy tapping while on the bus from the airport to Galway.

The computer was then abandoned for a hospital visit (as in I visited someone, not that all the tippy tapping left me injured :P)

And then, Friday evening we got an exciting email to tell us that we had won conference tickets in the raffle!! Yaaay! Tessie shall be going to the Philipines for RubyConf PH in April :D

My side of the MFH is not yet finished, but there isn't too much more to go.


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