Discovering Coimbra

September 20, 2015 23:24 UTC Team DEIGirls [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Since our coach Christian was visiting us, we decided to spend most of the day out of the office. But first, we solved a few problems with our project and we answeared to the comments piling up on github. Then, we joined a guided tour by Go!Walks through the UNESCO World Heritage part of the city. Starting downtown, we visited the Church of Santa Cruz, where the first two Kings of Portugal are buried, and we went across the old city Wall throught the door of the Torre da Almedina. Going up we passed the Old Cathedral, the New Cathedral and several student Republics until we reached the Royal Palace which is the core of the University of Coimbra. After the guided tour, we visited the University. namely S.Miguel chapel, Joanina Library, sala dos Capelos - the former Throne Room of the First King of Portugal, now used for PhD defenses -, the tower of the University and the botanic garden.
After finding the perfect spot for working, we took adavantage of Christian's presence to review our project and take off all of our doubts! We even got the chance to see some of the projects he has been working on lately, what gave us another perspective on working with Ruby.


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