September 18, 2015 23:26 UTC Team CocoaGems [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We: Did a mini Scrum and touched base throughout the day.
Session with Rachel on trouble shooting an Heroku error.
Read about sequel, Sinatra, MVC, ORM
Tried to understand CocoaPods database migrations

Karla: Attended last day of Dreamforce15
Completed a Trailblazer path
Attended a workshop on how to use Heroku and use it to manage Databases
Learned about Lightning a product that helps you build apps quickly..literally and unexpectedly in lightning speed.
Did some writing for Blog Post 2. I have to edit it during the weekend.
Did a mini hack where i had to use salesforce developer products to add name, email and a button to a desktop app (had not used Salesforce previously).
Updated log and now am considering having a social hour with Emma and friends.


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