Day 48

September 17, 2015 15:13 UTC Team Alster Hamburgers [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Our blog post is live! We're the first RGSoC team to sum up our summer (even though we still have a bit of time to go). So strange to think that the time is almost over - those months really flew by and we're getting a bit nostalgic already.

We've bravely thrown ourselves into the middle of that one last feature that is stopping our invite code functionality from being merge-able - with the help of some pointers and code snippet inspiration from Klaus, we've started to adjust some things to allow providers to turn our feature on or off as desired. While that already works okay (we believe), of course it now requires a lot of updates to existing tests to make sure that everything will a) work with the feature turned on or off and b) that both options will have sufficient test coverage. And c) everything should ideally be easy to maintain because it seems that both options will be permanent (because both have their fans among providers).

So while Anke has a day off tomorrow, Aya gets to face the beauty of that little capybara that is so unhappy with things at the moment. At least Aya seems fond of those cute fluffy creatures. ;) ( <--- Anke typing here, so at least that's what I hope to be true.)

Also, we're planned our wrap-up event, and some more sessions for next week.


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