Days 45-47

September 16, 2015 16:11 UTC Team Alster Hamburgers [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Day 45: The afternoon was the first day of the Polymer Summit in Amsterdam where we registered and then attended the Code Labs. Sadly, less progress than we hoped on learning more about Polymer (online code labs kind of depend on internet access... and only about half of the people present were able to connect). At least we got some nice offline toys to distract us.

Day 46: Polymer Summit! We learned a lot of new things about web components in a day full of presentations on various aspects of Polymer.

Day 47: Travelling back to Hamburg, and then picking up where we left off on Friday, i.e. right inside a Gordian git knot. (At least that's how it felt... so far there were only diverging branches. Maybe our stretch goal should be tying them into a proper bow? :D) But seriously: Everything is back to normal and work can soon resume on that one last feature. We also installed Vagrant and Virtual Box to prepare... and then we realized that we only have about one full week together left to work on the project. Where did time go?!

picture of our Rubik toy


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