RGSoC Day 49

September 15, 2015 09:25 UTC Team R'n'B [Ruby & Bugs] [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

What we have done:

  • Discussed with our mentors how abilities are implemented in our project for various users, and how to allow access to certain pages only for specific roles.
  • Created all tests for comments_controller.rb
  • Tried to find a solution to fix a BUG in our code (yes, they are here!)
  • worked on views for comments page to switch bootstrap well-to-panel-div element (to make it look similar to github notifications page)
  • brainstormed and started a new website app (RefugeesInfoHub) with Julia & Maren from Team Delta Quadrant to collect all infos about projects, initiatives, apps, etc. to support Refugees => to be continued


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