RubyConfPt part 1

September 15, 2015 07:27 UTC Team DEIGirls [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!
It started with Bilbo! And then entered Gandalf from Game of Thrones with the horse-bunny clapping coconuts Monty Python-style XD
We heard really great talks about versions of ruby and keyword parameters (Ruby 2.2.0 had a bug. 2.2.1 fixed it, but had its own bug. 2.2.2 was supposed to have a fix, but they forgot to add it, so use 2.2.3), how Ruby smells (look for the reek gem), how deleting is faster than re-writing, and how Inês is an unreliable narrator! We were also read a book called "Amelia Bedelia learns to code" by Kylie Stradley, that was my favorite talk!
The Sunset Party was really something, I got Inês and my coach Christian singing duets with me and a boys vs. girls "Eye of the tiger" XD
More to come tomorrow!


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