September 14, 2015 20:20 UTC Team Cheesy [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

During the weekend, Maud worked on finetuning access rights, and got lost in tests she couldn't solve. While copy-pasting tests proved to be a nice way to get better insight in testing in general, the finesses are better left to the pro's. On Monday, the one and only Carpmeister proved to us that Reading Code is an Art an sich. His remarks kept us busy untill lunch. After that, Roos worked on an even better looking Dashboard. Maud solved an html problem discovered last week by coach André: a form hijacking possibility. Now, no supervisor will ever be able to comment on another Supervisor's team. Well, not the most dangerous thing on the internet, but it is pretty cool to recognize and solve this kind of things.
During the day, we discussed ways to improve the dashboard's usability. It's a fine balance between too much text or not enough text.
Closing the day with a short but ever so useful remote coaching session with André on the form hijacking, and the pro's and cons of default_scope. Topped off with some nice technical exercises from the newly acquired "Exercises for programmers". YOLO!


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