Day 44

September 11, 2015 15:57 UTC Team Alster Hamburgers [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today was Retro-Day!

Almost all of our coaches were at the office so we could have a proper retrospective and talk about upcoming events and plan some new sessions along the way. We also took a very funny teamphoto with a lot of unicorns ( + we tried very hard to make the missing team members fit into the picture - you'll see if the effort paid off in the upcoming blogpost).
We also wanted to rebase and commit our changes but somehow that turned out to be a bit harder than expected, so we'll continue our work once we come back from the conference.
Luckily we had pizza at our brownbag today (so that elevated our mood by 100 %).
We've also finished our blogpost and are working on a mini showcase so stay tuned!

But for now...

Amsterdam here we come!


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