Day 40

September 7, 2015 15:48 UTC Team Alster Hamburgers [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Many sessions today!
Daily meeting to plan the time ahead (which included noticing that TIME FLIES and we actually don't have all that much time left :-O ).
We planned next week's trip to the Polymer summit in Amsterdam (yay) and found and booked hotels and flights.
We sat down with Klaus to discuss feature toggles and whether they will be the right solution for our next story (yes... and no), and in the afternoon explored git a bit more to prepare our pull request and understand rebase/merge/fetch/pull better.
After lunch, we had a session on the role of a QA in agile software development, then did some actual QA-ing with coach Jan (no new bugs, hooray), and then learned about software design patterns with coach Manan (YAGNI, KISS, SOLID, ... yay for abbreviations!).
So: Lots of new knowledge and travel plans, and hopefully, one step closer to the pull request.


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