Day 48

September 4, 2015 15:28 UTC Team Delta Quadrant [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today the day started with working on a pull request for Some tests were still not passing and we figured out together why this happened. Then we wanted to merge the pull request from Team Techylite but failed in solving all the merge conflicts :(

For lunch we watched a video on Container Hacks with docker. In the afternoon we worked on the tumblr issue and wanted to try out a ruby specific tumblr gem that probably solves some of the existing problems. But we couldn't get to work it in the beginning because it was not compatible with other dependencies which are used in diaspora (diaspora already uses newer versions and the maintainer of the tumblr gem apparently doesn't accept a pull request to handle this problem). Then we decided to fork the gem in our own repository and merge the pull request, also managed to get it work. But now we get stuck again while implementing and restructuring the code. We hope that we'll magically get some ideas during the weekend ;)

A very nice thing today: Team Ruby'n'Bugs moved in the blacklane office. Yay!


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