Weekly Chat with Cathy

September 3, 2015 16:42 UTC Team The Tremors [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

-We had the weekly chat with Cathy, together with Paul :) (Our Coach).

-The RGSoC has been a good experience so far. We both learned and love working as a team.
-We faced some challenges too:
* Internet connection is the main challenge but we figured out a solution for it. Using LAN cables as opposed to WiFi :)
* Also, working on other people's code is a bit challenging, since one has to understand another's code.
-Writing tests has been crazy and amazing at the same time. We consulted some local ruby developers about writing tests, but apparently none of them write tests. By the end of the summer of code, we are sure to be among the few people who would be conversant and proficient with tests. :) :) :)
-We hope to give a lightning talk to one of the local conferences (Geared towards Women in Technology) that is happening this month. Cathy is also helping us with connections for having lightning talks in the local conferences.
-We did a pull request but apparently, Travis CI threw errors as always. We are figuring out the solution for that.


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