Day 45: Vienna.rb Thursday

September 3, 2015 16:16 UTC Team Tessie [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

  • we had great unblocking, fire-putting-out session with Aaron
  • MFH form planning together
  • working on our slides/talk for Vienna.rb tonight where we'll talk a little about RGSoC! <3 (done! it went really well and we had lots of questions about hoodie and rgsoc. Here are our slides!

- finished ALL the codecademy Angular course, I even did the from scratch, real world examples
- I ALMOST KILLED ALL THE HOODIE-CSS REPO (actually I didn't because I didn't push yet! :D But I thought I did!) I wanted to rebase MY branch against the github pages branch to update some accessibility issues I had worked on when I accidentally rebased ALL of the repo. After Ramon calmed me down by reminding me I'm in control with Git and that I hadn't pushed, Aaron recommended I kill my local files WITH FIRE AND BURN THEM AND DESTROY THEM AND HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. So I did that, redid the changes, rebased properly and all was good in the world.
- redid the accessibility stuff on the hoodie-css boilerplate template 100 time because accessibility is super hard (and I kept misunderstanding it as being for the developer, not the user, whoops!)
- submitted an issue to get all the hoodies' opinions on how to structure the my first hoodie app so we can get started with it ASAP
- finished all my work for the week, so I'll get started on next week's work! :DD



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