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GitLab is an open source tool used by developers to create and manage code bases collaboratively. Built on Git, which is a very popular and efficient distributed version control system, GitLab gives you all the tools needed for Git repository management from code reviews to issue tracking and more.

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Carsten Zimmermann RGSoC, Monday, February 1, 14:40 UTC

Thanks, Yorick. Accepted! :)

Yorick Peterse, Monday, February 1, 14:21 UTC


I updated said section with two links to a set of issues that can be worked on. If any extra information is needed please do tell.

Laura RGSoC, Monday, February 1, 14:03 UTC

Hey Yorick!!
That's awesome, thank you so much for your submission! We'd of course love to accept GitLab as a project; before we do that though, could you update the Issues/Features section with a couple of things which you think might be relevant for this year's students? This is mostly so we have an idea of which contributions you have in mind, and so students applying with your project know what to expect. Thanks! 🎉

Yorick Peterse, Monday, February 1, 09:57 UTC

To further clarify, this would involve smaller features, writing tests, fixing bugs; pretty much all of it is there.

Yorick Peterse, Monday, February 1, 09:57 UTC

Currently there's a list of issues labelled "up-for-grabs" which are intended to be easy enough for beginners. This list can be found at

Carsten Zimmermann RGSoC, Friday, January 29, 15:18 UTC

Hey Yorick, thank you for proposing Gitlab as a project for RGSoC 2016! Can you give us and potiental applicants an overview what they'll be working on during the summer?