Exception Notification

MentorSebastian Martinez (smartinez87)
Project Websitehttp://smartinez87.github.io/exception_notification/
Project Repositoryhttps://github.com/smartinez87/exception_notification
Suitable for Beginners?yes
Tagsruby rails
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Project Description

The Exception Notification is a ruby gem that provides a set of notifiers for sending notifications when errors occur in a Rack/Rails application.
The built-in notifiers can deliver notifications by email, Campfire, HipChat, Slack, IRC or via custom WebHooks.
By using the gem, you receive an immediate notification with proper information about the error the user encountered while using your app.

Back in 2010, the Rails team decided to stop maintaining this gem, and I started taking care of it. I would really love someone else to jump in and take this gem to the next level.

Project's Requirements

Tasks And Features

As any gem, there is a list of issues in GitHub to tackle: https://github.com/smartinez87/exception_notification/issues

Besides that, I would love someone to write a side gem providing a dashboard with the exceptions (like Airbrake), so developers can choose to use the dashboard instead of getting emails.

The dashboard will help improve the experience of searching exceptions, and also being able to group them so you can see which error are your users stumbling upon the most. From there the sky is the limit, since you can add a ton of analytics from the data collected.


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Carsten Zimmermann RGSoC, Monday, February 1, 15:18 UTC

Awesome! Looking forward to it – accepted! :)

Sebastian Martinez, Monday, February 1, 14:56 UTC

I will, yes.
I managed to make time every day after work for this, and I'll also have Santiago's help (https://github.com/san650). He was recently added as a maintainer of the gem, after his contributions.
So I expect that between the both of us we'll make it work.

Carsten Zimmermann RGSoC, Monday, February 1, 14:45 UTC

Hey Sebastian, sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Thank you for your additional information. You mentioned time-constraints – mentoring an RGSoC project also requires a bit of time at your disposal. It's easier if there's more than one active person on a FOSS project. Do you think you'd have the time to work closely with the students and their coaches? It's a bit more work in the beginning to get things started and lay out the roadmap than it is later in the summer.

Sebastian Martinez, Friday, January 29, 16:25 UTC

Hi Carsten!

Yes, the dashboard would be the main focus to work on. I think it adds a lot of value, and would make many developers to move back to use Exception Notification again.

Regarding the activity, your observation is correct. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time last year to work on the gem so I did a basic maintenance updating it and fixing just major issues. That's why I think it would also be great if someone else ends up wanting to join the team and help maintain the gem out of this initiative.
The gem itself remains active and being used, you can check the number of downloads here: https://rubygems.org/gems/exception_notification

Carsten Zimmermann RGSoC, Thursday, January 28, 20:48 UTC

Hi Sebastian, thank you for submitting your project to the Rails Girls Summer of Code 2016! The dashboard sounds like a great thing for students to work on - would that be the main focus for the team to work on?

I have an admittedly delicate thing to ask: how active is this project? Looking at the contributor list I can see that it's virtually only you contributing to the project and there haven't been many commits over the course of the last year (the gem may be mature enough so that it only needed a bit of maintenance love, of course). Also, there are 10+ open PRs, some of which haven't even been commented on.