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Project Description

OpenFarm is a free and open database for farming and gardening knowledge. We provide a platform for expert and beginner farmers and gardeners to share their knowledge in the form of Growing Guides - structured, community generated, single-author documents that describe how to grow a Crop based on specific environmental conditions and growing practices. Compatibility Scoring between Users and Guides allows high quality and relevant information to be discovered quickly. We are a global service that aims to break down borders through the open sharing of knowledge, increase participation in the food system, and help everyone become a better farmer or gardener.

OpenFarm uses a stack that uses some well known technologies. By working on OpenFarm you'll get to work with Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Angular, designing things, ElasticSearch, and Vagrant.

Project's Requirements

Tasks And Features

  • Better front-end testing
  • Managing gardens and what users have planted in them
  • Implementing upgrades to image uploading
  • Design! Visual design of certain elements (user badges, a mascot, crop icons, etc)
  • Tackling a series of the "newcomer" issues in the repository:
  • JSONAPI compliance of our API
  • Testing and tweaking Vagrant installation for better software development


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Simon, Monday, January 25, 18:23 UTC

Hey Laura,

That's great! Thanks for accepting OpenFarm :). I thought I'd throw in the design issues as design is an important part of OpenFarm's mindset, and there might be people who want to take a stab at doing some small things as well.

Let me know what our next steps are!

Laura RGSoC, Monday, January 25, 16:49 UTC

Hey Simon,

thank you for your submission! We'd be happy to have OpenFarm on board for RGSoC 2016. You have a good amount of issues, and whereas I don't think the design-only issues would be fit for RGSoC students, there's a good amount of other interesting issues to tackle for different levels.