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Project Description

Event Management App Tailored to Free Software Conferences.

  • helps you to call for papers in your community: Receive, classify, evaluate and schedule submissions for your event.
  • assists you in communicating the value of your event: Create a splash page and agenda. Let visitors register & buy tickets for your event.
  • supports you with staying on top of your event: Inform yourself about the evolution of the program and audience of your event.

Project's Requirements

Tasks And Features

Enhance visitor experience

We have several ideas to enhance the visitor experience. First of all, the event schedule isn't mobile friendly and and there is no way to have several schedule proposals to compare before releasing it (see #18 & #587). Furthermore we would to gather feedback from the conference visitors (see #549) and improve our conference splash page (#400).

Implement ticket payment feature

OSEM already has a feature to sell conference tickets. At the moment the user has to buy the ticket online and pay on arrival at the conference. We would like to have a way to purchase and pay online.


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Henne Vogelsang, Wednesday, January 20, 13:14 UTC

Hey Laura!

how 💥awesome💥 is that? :-) Thanks!


Laura RGSoC, Wednesday, January 20, 12:55 UTC

Hey Henne,
thank you for the submission! We're very happy to have OSEM on board again this year. 👍🏽