Improve the desks and rooms control system for the coworking

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Project Description

The "Go Working Map" started as a web form to aid the control of the desks at Fábrica do Futuro's Go Working. Then it evolved to a system where all inhabitants of Fábrica do Futuro could find information of each other's startup and business, effectively providing a virtual place as a means for exchanges. Go Working is how we call Fábrica do Futuro's coworking space.

Because the project wasn't meant for this purpose, the code - originally a simple collection of Flask-WTF html forms - needs refactoring. The current code base is not suited for the stakeholder's demands on the project.

Ideally the website should be able to include more information about Fábrica do Futuro's inhabitants. People should be able to update their own information and share it with others, pretty much like a regular social network. End users should be able to request additional functionality and the scope of the project shall be easily expanded on demand.

Also we are working on a better way for inhabitants to schedule rooms for meetings. This is needed because there are so many meeting rooms and many people doing meetings all day long. We hope to integrate this functionality in the Go Working Map.

This is part of a bigger system to improve the daily experience for inhabitants of Fábrica do Futuro's Go Working. The primary goal is to directly benefit innovative startups sited at Porto Alegre at Fábrica do Futuro. Since this is a Libre Software project, the secondary aim is to provide technology to co-workings worldwide, hopefully achieving three goals: influencing the mindset and daily routine of co-workings and similar spaces; contributing to the startups community; benefit from other like minded people's contributions; and therefore aiding startups in general. Your own startup is next? :)

Fábrica do Futuro has infrastructure at Porto Alegre - Brasil to house the team working on the project so the team will be directly affected by this project, at least temporarily - but you're welcome to stay here after the SoC! ;) - so we would expect from the team much feedback on the system and that you participate on defining it's scope and suggest new functionalities, even if they will have to be implemented by others.

Team will have full access to the Fábrica do Futuro's Go Working as if they were inhabitants. This includes but is not limited to electrical and caffeine power, access to high speed wireless internet (and by July gigabit ethernet on all desks), bathrooms, showers, meditation room, call booths, meeting rooms, living spaces, a retro games emulator and happy smiles everywhere.

Project's Requirements

The mentor of the project prefers Python/Flask because he is familiar with the technology and the current code is already written using the Flask framework. But if the team chooses it can use other programming language such as Javascript or Ruby on Rails, or even other Python framewroks such as Web2Py, Py4Web or Django. This part of the project still has no code, therefore there's enough freedom to adapt it yet.

The project should be written in a way that will allow other integrations in the future, and should be agnostic in the sense of needing little work to change the database or frontend integrations. This is easily accomplished using tools such as Flask-SQLAlchemy, but alternative solutions are welcome.

Tasks And Features

Things that should be done:

  • The project needs someone who can research and implement a proper ACL which will be responsible to enforce the business rules to display information to logged in users;
  • Personal information of companies and individuals should be stored and used respecting the Brazilian pertinent legislation the LGPD. We have mentoring on that, you don't need to do legal research;
  • We currently only have a web interface built on Flask itself. It would be nice to have an Android/iOS application that we could provide to people who prefer that interface, but that is not the main goal;
  • Users requested some sort of job board so startups could advertise to each other (or maybe externally?) with what and how they need help. Perhaps you could help to make the very code that will help you find your next contractor or business partner ;)
  • There is another team working on a React Native app/web frontend for the rooms schedule module. The task in hand is to provide an API (Flask/RESTful preferred but not demanded) for the apps to consume, as well as interact with the Google Docs API which will act both as a database and an alternative form of end users interacting with the system.

Don't worry about taking care of all these tasks. You may freely select which ones you feel more comfortable working on. You may even propose other tasks and if they make sense, we can change the scope of the project accordingly.

If you are thinking of applying to this project for RGSoC 2020 and have any questions, feel free to contact the project mentor by leaving a comment below or using the following channels:

For Rocket chat, you can access with the Github Oauth login. Please join the #rgsoc channel upon login.
You can also access via this invite link:


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Annanya Vedala, Wednesday, May 6, 11:53 UTC

Greetings Sir/Madam,
My teammate, Rida and I, Annanya, are extremely interested in your project and we would be really grateful for the opportunity to work on it. We request you to please give us details about the further steps in the same regard. Hoping for a positive response.
Thank you.

Iuri Guilherme, Tuesday, March 31, 21:07 UTC

Thank you for your interest in our project for everyone that has applied.

Pakhi2001, Sunday, March 29, 14:46 UTC

I would like to contribute in this project. Please help me started.

Meetakshi Setiya, Friday, March 20, 20:03 UTC

Dear Sir/Ma’am

My teammate, Ananya and I are participating in RGSoC this year, and we would like to contribute to your project. We are familiar with CSS, HTML, Flask and we have intermediate-level experience with Python and Java. Since this is our first time contributing to an open-source project, it would be great if you could guide us on how to get started with your project. Please suggest some areas that we can work on or some bugs that we can try to fix.

tea-n-biccies RGSoC, Friday, March 20, 13:41 UTC

Dear RGSoC applicants - we have added a new FAQ page to the website. Please check this out before asking mentors your questions, as we may already have an answer for you :)

Further details of how to apply to RGSoC (by 23:00 UTC on 30 March 2020) can be found at

Iuri Guilherme, Sunday, March 1, 03:16 UTC

Thank you for your interest in this project, Megha Pathak. The student application is to start this Monday. That's the first step you should take. Here is the link with the instructions:

Megha Pathak, Saturday, February 29, 18:06 UTC

Hi Iuri Guilherme,
We are team BoredBipolers and we are going to participate in RGSoC.
I'm Megha Pathak and my teammate is Kritika Singhal.
We really liked your project. How and where we can get started?