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Project Description

RubyX compiles ruby code to binary. In 100% pure ruby.

The goal here is to prove that dynamic languages do not have to be slow.
Only interpretation is slow, but when ruby is compiled to binary ,it can be really fast.

And since it is implemented in pure ruby, anyone can finally see that building binaries is not black magic.

Project's Requirements

Students should have a keen interest in the basics of computing and a wish to understand what programming is.

Knowing ruby makes it easier, but python or any oo language and a will to learn is enough.

Tasks And Features

Tasks may be tailoured to the students need and interest and include
- writing stdlib code
- implementing easy language features
- register allocation techniques
- adding intel cpu support
- github issues marked for beginners

Please read comments before commenting. I, the project owner, can not really do anything to get you selected for sponsorship.

If you are interested in the project, please mark it as your first choice in your application as described here (under project)

If you are thinking of applying to this project for RGSoC 2020 and have any questions, feel free to contact the project mentor by leaving a comment below or using the following channels:


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Torsten Rüger, Tuesday, March 31, 08:40 UTC

Hi Jarvis,
You are welcome to contribute, maybe send email,that is a better way to contact me(use these comments for general questions).
I am not on linkedin, so i can't see your profiles.

AnithaNarnavaram, Monday, March 30, 20:52 UTC

We are Team Jarvis. I and my teammate Sindhu are pursuing master's in computer science from the University of Florida.
We have come across RubyX and believe that this is perfect for us to work on and would love to contribute to this project.
Both of us have experience in python, HTML, Javascript, Java, C++, SQL, Ruby among others.
Please find our LinkedIn profiles below:
Please help us in getting started
Looking forward for your response.
Thank you!

Torsten Rüger, Sunday, March 29, 09:48 UTC

Hi Rohan
it would be great to have a knowledgeable coach. I already heard some of the girls don't have a coach. Usually coaches are local to the teams, but it can work remotely.
If you mail me, we can discuss more.

Rohan Juneja, Sunday, March 29, 07:03 UTC

Hi Torsten,
The project seems really interesting and I have been working in this domain for the last four years. I'd love to contribute to this project as a coach. Would like to know more about the requirements for a coach specifically the location requirements.
Thank you!

tea-n-biccies RGSoC, Friday, March 20, 13:41 UTC

Dear RGSoC applicants - we have added a new FAQ page to the website. Please check this out before asking mentors your questions, as we may already have an answer for you :)

Further details of how to apply to RGSoC (by 23:00 UTC on 30 March 2020) can be found at

Torsten Rüger, Friday, March 20, 07:03 UTC

Hi Niharika,
well that is great, even i haven't done one of those compiler courses.

For me (as a project lead) the participation in the project and this summer sponsorship are separate things. Everybody is welcome to participate on the project all the time.

But if you need funding to participate, then you need to get chosen for rgsoc sponsorship (which is beyond me) and then choose this as you 1st choice project in your application.

So, the answer is, depends on you. But probably, yes.
But you are welcome to grab an issue on github anytime (or, even better, make one up!)

Niharika Gali, Friday, March 20, 06:11 UTC

Hi Torsten! I'm Niharika, Divija's teammate. We've both done a full-fledged university course on Compiler Design so do feel quite comfortable dealing with them. So, do you want us to apply first on the portal and then get back to you to discuss what to do next?

Torsten Rüger, Thursday, March 19, 08:36 UTC

Hi Divija,
nice that you are interested, and even have some skill. I usually consider motivation the most important thing, but if you know about compilers, you'll be right at home.
If not, i can also answer questions here before this phase ends.

I think at this stage, you need to choose the project in this app. Since i am a mentor the app looks different to me, and i can't give you exact steps how this is done, but somewhere you need to make this project your first or second choice. Only when that is done, will you show up on the list of applicants. Then you can be chosen for this project.
As far as i understand you actually get chosen for the sponsoring first, and then they choose which of your chosen projects is available for you.

If you want to work on the project without sponsoring you are always welcome. I am happy to help, either now, or later (if after the selection you didn't get chosen)

Divija Palleti, Thursday, March 19, 06:10 UTC

Hi! I'm Divija. My teammate Niharika and I would love to contribute. We both have experience working in research, industry and in the open-source before. We're familiar with most of the tech mentioned. Please do let us know what further information you'd like to know about our past experience and how we can get started?

tea-n-biccies RGSoC, Monday, March 9, 11:13 UTC

Hi everyone - the RGSoC team here :)
Just a reminder that student applications are open until 23:00 UTC on 30 March 2020.
For information on how to apply as a student so you can work on this project with RGSoC, please read the guidance at

Torsten Rüger, Sunday, March 1, 14:19 UTC

Riya, i am not sure i can help you with the process. As far as i understand you signal interest and get selected (for sponsorship that is).
Then in the summer participants work, and with that i can/will help.

To get started with the actually coding, clone and run test. The read the website, then some code. Then pick (or find) and issue and start asking me about it, preferably on a github issue or for more general things the mailing list.

Riya Singh, Sunday, March 1, 08:49 UTC

I am Riya and I would like to contribute to this project as a part of RGsoc.
Please help in getting started.