Dashboard management system for Codeuino's new design initiative

MentorJaskirat Singh (jaskirat2000)
Project Websitehttps://github.com/codeuino/Design-Initiative-Dashboard
Project Repositoryhttps://github.com/codeuino/Design-Initiative-Dashboard
Suitable for Beginners?no
TagsUI/UX React MongoDB Angular databases Javascript Nodejs web-development
Applications (1st Choice)3 (2 submitted | 1 in-progress)
Applications (2nd Choice)8 (8 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Code of Conducthttps://github.com/codeuino/Social-Platform-Donut/blob/master/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md
LicenseGNU General Public License v3.0

Project Description

Codeuino is an open-source social networking organization that tends to work for building social environments for communities, allowing them to use it in their custom way. "Season of Design" is one of the new initiatives by Codeuino which tends to focus more on diverse tech designers. The goal of Season of Design is to provide a platform for designers and Open source organizations to collaborate and work to improve the design of their open-source projects. Since not many designers are a part of the open-source community, we want to bridge the gap between them and let them gain experience in contributing to open source communities. For designers who are a part of open source communities, it provides them a way to collaborate with other designers and find ways to work more effectively.
So taking this into consideration this project idea will aim to build a "Management System" for Organizers, Org Admins/Mentors and Mentees separately for the above idea where they could collaborate easily and efficiently.

NOTE: This project will be developed from scratch.
Check out the guide of "Getting Involved with Codeuino in RGSoC" for more details.

If you are aiming to work on this project then don't forget to join the communication channel at slack.codeuino.org

Project Mentors are:
Jaskirat Singh
Siddharth Simaraju
devesh Verma

Project's Requirements

The ideal students who would be working on this project need to have a good knowledge of web development. React, Javascript and any other front-end framework a student is comfortable to deliver the same results is welcomed. Prior knowledge of working with databases Nodejs, mongo/angular would be an important addition alongside with understanding of UI/UX.

Tasks And Features

This project would be developed in 3 separate sections. Please find the details of the requirements needed in these three sections below:

PART 1- For Organizers: Organizers are the ones who would be conducting/hosting this program keeping this into mind that organizers change with seasons. So for organizers student would be required to make a dashboard where they can track all the activities of an org mentor and mentees.

  • Organizers would be able to have control over the whole setup where they can change things in between or launch up initially.
  • Organizers can add members to the community through Invites, also can invite others as an Admin/moderator due to which all the same rights will be shared with the other person.
  • Blocking users ( Giving access to block people), Removing people from the contest whenever needed.
  • Analytical representation (This will help organizers know about stat for their posts, members joined, etc)
  • Giving Access to delete/remove anything which is visible to mentors and mentees such as comments, etc
  • Giving them access to change modules in between any time through toggle or any other available options such as Theme change, Removing/Adding any other modules,
  • Making a feature of "Maintenance". with this no user should be able to login/signup. they should see a particular page of maintenance. these rights should be given to only admins.
  • Allowing to give them access for the "settings" of the community
  • Giving them access to "Open/Close" signups and logins for the communities.
  • Making the screens to draft announcements that will be visible to the admins, mentors, and mentees. Allowing project submission forms.
  • Way of evaluating Admins/Mentors and Mentees.

PART 2 - For Admins: Admins would be the ones who would be drafting an application for their project/community in this program and will work collectively with mentors and mentees just like GSoC.

Development of a module for Configuration screens :

  • Screen 1: Registering Admin account with information such as Admin Name, Email, Username, Password, etc. For example, check here
  • Screen 2: Include Admin Account Confirmation through email. An email sends to the Admin account, On confirmation should redirect them to the page of "Activate Account" which further leads to other setups. Screen 3: Welcoming Screen, that should allow to set up a Community account. For hint check here and filling project details.
  • Screen 4: Setting up Community profile and permissions like Community Name, Description, Welcoming Invites, Access ( Is community open to everyone or limited to invites,etc. ), Automated Invites, System Email setup, etc.
  • They will have dedicated pages for submitting their projects, inviting mentors and keeping track of stats.
  • They would be able to communicate with Organizers, Mentors, and Mentees.
  • If one Admin invites some other user as Admin then they should have a mechanism to share their dashboards.
  • They can invite mentors to their project through forms and emails which should be drafted within this platform.
  • Way of evaluating Mentors and Mentees.

Mentors will also have the same kinda dashboard

PART 3 - For Mentees: Mentees (here designers) would be the ones who would be working on projects, drafting UI/UX of the projects. mentees need to have a dashboard for themselves.

  • Mechanism for mentees to register themselves through profile set up
  • Choose projects which will be visible on their dashboard and select
  • Integration of wiki or kinda doc which they would be using to submit their project proposal to mentors
  • Way to communicate with others through comments
  • Visual analytics which will help them to view their progress
  • Way to submit their work and asking mentors to evaluate.


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jaskirat2000, Tuesday, March 24, 03:44 UTC

Hi, can you join our communication channel at slack.codeuino.org

Nandini Agrawal, Monday, March 23, 19:37 UTC

I am Nandini Agrawal from India. I am participating my teammate Pritika Sabharwal and our team name is LogicWinners. We went through all the projects and came across your Dashboard management System which caught our interest and thus we would be privileged if we get a chance to contribute in it. We have a fair background in Web Development -Node.js,React.js,HTML/CSS,MongoDB, and the other prerequisites. We are certainly motivated to learn up anything else which would be required for this project. Kindly guide us for further instructions. Looking forward to work on this project!

tea-n-biccies RGSoC, Friday, March 20, 13:41 UTC

Dear RGSoC applicants - we have added a new FAQ page to the website. Please check this out before asking mentors your questions, as we may already have an answer for you :)

Further details of how to apply to RGSoC (by 23:00 UTC on 30 March 2020) can be found at https://railsgirlssummerofcode.org/students

jaskirat2000, Wednesday, March 18, 05:54 UTC

Hi Poornima,

Can you join our slack channel at slack.codeuino.org

Poornima Dave, Wednesday, March 18, 05:50 UTC

Hello I Poornima Dave, participating in RGsoc and we liked your project and want to contribute in it, can you please provide us the further details of what all we have to do

tea-n-biccies RGSoC, Monday, March 9, 11:14 UTC

Hi everyone - the RGSoC team here :)
Just a reminder that student applications are open until 23:00 UTC on 30 March 2020.
For information on how to apply as a student so you can work on this project with RGSoC, please read the guidance at https://railsgirlssummerofcode.org/students

Muhammad Khalil, Sunday, March 8, 10:21 UTC

I'll love to work on this project along with others.

Muhammad Khalil, Sunday, March 8, 10:20 UTC

I love this...

jaskirat2000, Monday, March 2, 08:36 UTC

Hey, can you join our slack channel at slack.codeuino.org. since most of the discussions gonna take place there.
And I think most of info provided within description is quite understandable.
You can join us and begin with your contribution and proposal drafting.


Kritika Singhal, Sunday, March 1, 06:03 UTC

Hello Jaskirat Singh,
We are team BoredBipolers and we are going to participate in RGSoC.
I am Kritika Singhal and my teammate is Megha Pathak.
We really liked your project. Though all the details mentioned give clear understanding of the project but can you guide us at initial phase what we are supposed to do. How and where we can get started?