Kaocha - test runner for Clojure

MentorArne Brasseur (plexus)
Project Websitehttps://github.com/lambdaisland/kaocha
Project Repositoryhttps://github.com/lambdaisland/kaocha
Suitable for Beginners?no
Tagsclojure testing functional programming
Applications (1st Choice)3 (3 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Applications (2nd Choice)2 (2 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Code of Conducthttps://github.com/lambdaisland/kaocha/blob/master/code_of_conduct.txt
LicenseEclipse Public License 1.0 (EPL-1.0)

Project Description

Kaocha is a test runner for Clojure and ClojureScript projects. It's designed to be user friendly, and to be extensible enough to serve many different use cases.

A few people in Berlin have shown interest in being a coach: Rahul Dé (@lispyclouds, Thoughtworks), Philip Mates (@Philomates, Nubank). If it ends up being a Berlin based team I'm confident we can find good support and office space.

We hang out in the #kaocha channel on Clojurians Slack, or feel free to contact me (Arne) directly if you have any questions (DM on Slack or Email).

Project's Requirements

Applicants should at least know the basics of Clojure, have worked through some tutorials or tried building something with it. Having some experience with unit testing would also help because of the nature of the project.

Tasks And Features

I would suggest starting with "ergonomics" issues, i.e. providing more informative error messages, or catching common mistakes

These should be good first issues to get acquainted with the project and workflow. After that we can look at new features or improvements to existing features.

For instance doctests would be a great feature that is manageable in terms of complexity, and that gives them something tangible to contribute.

If you are thinking of applying to this project for RGSoC 2020 and have any questions, feel free to contact the project mentor by leaving a comment below or using the following channels:


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tea-n-biccies RGSoC, Friday, March 20, 13:41 UTC

Dear RGSoC applicants - we have added a new FAQ page to the website. Please check this out before asking mentors your questions, as we may already have an answer for you :)

Further details of how to apply to RGSoC (by 23:00 UTC on 30 March 2020) can be found at https://railsgirlssummerofcode.org/students