MentorDivyanshu Rawat (divyanshu-rawat)
Project Websitehttp://www.ignitus.org
Project Repositoryhttps://github.com/Ignitus/Ignitus-client, https://github.com/Ignitus/Ignitus-rest-api
Suitable for Beginners?yes
TagsReact Redux Typescript Node MongoDB UI/UX HTML/CSS.
Applications (1st Choice)11 (11 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Applications (2nd Choice)7 (7 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Code of Conducthttps://github.com/Ignitus/Ignitus-client/blob/master/.github/CODE_OF_CONDUCT/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md
LicenseMIT license (MIT)

Project Description

A non-profit initiative promoting the development of the people's intellectual potential.
We address college students who want to boost their career and universities, professionals, researchers and startups looking for collaborations hiring students, and also we address whoever wanting to step-up their careers, serving as catalysts and as bridges between the different actors of the educational universe.

Ignitus is working with a non-profit GirlsScript Foundation, Woo-Tech which is committed to bringing together multiple such initiatives for a grand scale open-source project development program for women.

Project Mentors:
Divyanshu Rawat
Paarmita Bhargava (UI/UX)
Debasish Sahoo
Sachin Jangid

To know more about us please refer.

Project's Requirements

In the beginning, we don't expect much from selected candidates as we will be there to help them learn technologies that we are making use of at Ignitus, but it would be great if you have a background in React.js and a motivation to learn new things and implement some cool stuff as well.
Let’s grow together - share your knowledge, we will share ours!

Necessary: Experience with React.js, along with some knowledge of Redux.js and TypeScript.
Necessary: Proficiency with Html/Css
Necessary: Experience with Git.
Helpful: Experience with Node.js, MongoDB.
Helpful: Experience with Jest (Testing framework).
Helpful: Knowledge of full-stack software development.

Just to make sure you are comfortable with our legacy code-base, feel free to pick up some easy tickets.

Tasks And Features

We have a lot of migration stuff that needs to be work on, here are list of migration related tickets.

Migration Tickets:
1 - Migration to styled components(Emotion) ticket - https://github.com/Ignitus/Ignitus-client/issues/476.
2 - Removal of Bootstrap 4 => Pure CSS - https://github.com/Ignitus/Ignitus-client/issues/403
3. Pure CSS => Emotion - https://github.com/Ignitus/Ignitus-client/issues/476
4 - Migration to TypeScript - https://github.com/Ignitus/Ignitus-client/issues/477.
5 - Migration to react-hooks - https://github.com/Ignitus/Ignitus-client/issues/395.
6 - Ignitus server migration to TS - https://github.com/Ignitus/Ignitus-rest-api/issues/127

Feature Tickets: You can start with these to get familiar with the codebase.
1 - Career page design - https://github.com/Ignitus/Ignitus-client/issues/396.
2 - Job description page design - https://github.com/Ignitus/Ignitus-client/issues/397.
3 - Job confirmation page design - https://github.com/Ignitus/Ignitus-client/issues/398.
4 - SignUp flow design - https://github.com/Ignitus/Ignitus-client/issues/575.
5 - SideFooter design - https://github.com/Ignitus/Ignitus-client/issues/557.
6 - Writing unit tests - https://github.com/Ignitus/Ignitus-client/issues/519.

Ideally you should start with the migration issues first in client-side / server-side architecture, then we can move ahead with feature tickets.
At the end, we plan to complete the following modules- Careers, Profile, Opportunities, Messages, Settings, along with the migration to emotion, react-hooks and Typescript.

Don't worry about the complexity of the tasks, we will be there to answer your questions, let's learn and grow together in this journey. We are open to new ideas and suggestions from your end as well and if they make sense, we can change the requirements & scope of the project accordingly and based on your experience you can help us either on the client-side or in the server-side, below you will find more open tickets labelled as RGSoC 2020.

Open Tickets:
Ignitus client
Ignitus server

If you are thinking of applying to this project for RGSoC 2020 and have any questions, feel free to contact us by leaving a comment below or using the following channels:


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Divyanshu Rawat, Sunday, March 29, 21:51 UTC

Hey, Oshi & Harneet Please join our slack :)

Oshi Gupta, Sunday, March 29, 20:00 UTC

Hi !
I am Oshi Gupta with my teammate Harneet Bhatia from team Influencers. We are currently pursuing Bachelor's degree in field of Computer Science and we are from India. We are interested in this project and looking forward to contribute in the project soon.
We both are full-stack web developer and has done our summer internships in that and we want to contribute in open-source communities as well as we had found RGSoC and Ignitus to be amazing for us.

Divyanshu Rawat, Thursday, March 26, 09:06 UTC

Thanks for your Interest, as you have already join the slack channel, but still writing for those who will be commenting later, that please join our slack channel for further & enhanced communication here is the link again. https://bit.ly/JoinIgnitusSlack

92612ShiyuQiu, Thursday, March 26, 02:05 UTC

Hi! These are Shiyu Qiu and Qian Zhao from team 200OK_SQQZ We are current students from the University of California, Irvine, major in Computer Science. We are interested in this amazing project and hope to start our contribution! About us, we have systematically learned full-stack web development skills.
We are looking forward to further guide. Thank you!

Sonal Kushwaha, Sunday, March 22, 08:13 UTC

Hello sir, I am Sonal and my teammate Sakshi and I would love to work on this project as team Femmetech.
We are super excited to be a part of this project and we will do our best to contribute to it in every way possible!

tea-n-biccies RGSoC, Friday, March 20, 13:41 UTC

Dear RGSoC applicants - we have added a new FAQ page to the website. Please check this out before asking mentors your questions, as we may already have an answer for you :)

Further details of how to apply to RGSoC (by 23:00 UTC on 30 March 2020) can be found at https://railsgirlssummerofcode.org/students

Divyanshu Rawat, Monday, March 9, 17:25 UTC

Hey Arpita , can you join the slack channel and ping me there https://bit.ly/JoinIgnitusSlack. :) .

Arpita Jha, Monday, March 9, 17:24 UTC

Hi Divyanshu,
I'm Arpita Jha, a member of Team Pegasus and I want to learn more about the architecture of the Ignitus project. I looked over GitHub but couldn't find architecture of Ignitus. Could you please help us over the same?