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Project Description

Vanilla Framework is a simple extensible CSS framework, built using Sass and is designed to be used either directly as CSS or extended with new components or amendments to existing ones with SCSS.

During the Summer of Code, we'd like to take an opportunity to review and improve our documentation and add more code examples and templates to demonstrate the use of the framework. Students can also help in improving our existing components or build new ones.

Project's Requirements

Students should have at least a basic understanding of HTML and CSS and ideally, some experience with Sass/SCSS that we use heavily would be more than welcome.

Vanilla Framework is a CSS library and design system, so some experience or interest in similar projects (such as Bootstrap, Material Design, etc) would be helpful.

We also use some bits of vanilla JavaScript on our website and in the examples, and our documentation site runs on Flask (Python), so some basic programming skills in JS and/or Python (while not required) may help in exploring some programming tasks.

We are open to adjusting our tasks to different levels of experience, so feel free to ask if you have any questions or doubts.

Tasks And Features

Possible tasks that the team may get involved in include:

Introduction to Vanilla framework

These tasks would introduce students to the project, allow them to learn the tools we use for development and to test our documentation for beginners. We'd take any feedback during this process and use it to improve our introduction docs.

  • getting to know how to build and run the project
  • introduction to our documentation and examples
  • building a simple site using Vanilla framework to learn basic use
  • setting up test projects to build Vanilla framework with node-sass, webpack or gulp to test our documentation
  • improving the documentation on how to start using Vanilla for beginners (this may include additions to our README and documentation site)

Improvements to documentation examples

We use many code examples in our documentation to showcase our patterns. These examples are used in CodePen snippets in the docs and as full-page examples. We'd like to work with students on improving them, making sure we cover all use cases of our components and also provide new examples for more complicated layouts and templates using different components together.

  • adding examples (building HTML Flask templates for them) for components or their variants
  • adding examples for bigger templates, layouts and use cases (examples that will show how existing components can be used together)
  • improving JavaScript used by examples to make static HTML examples more interactive when needed
  • adding a 'cheat sheet' to our documentation, that will list most common class names and patterns in one place for reference

Component improvements

Specific tasks in this part would depend on our current roadmap in the summer, but they involve regular maintenance tasks in SCSS code to fix bugs and improve our components:

  • improving our existing styles and components by fixing bugs and adding new features
  • building styles for new components


We started identifying some of the tasks in our backlog as candidate issues for the Summer of Code. You can see them marked with the RGSoC label in our repository.

It's hard to predict more specific details about our roadmap several months in advance, but we are open to discussing the area of work with the team.

If you are thinking of applying to this project for RGSoC 2020 and have any questions, feel free to contact the project mentor by leaving a comment below or via email:


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Bartek Szopka, Thursday, April 2, 16:01 UTC

Thank you Srishti and Gauri,

The tasks in the repository are not yet fully ready to be worked on. They are planned for the Summer (in July).
Of course we will welcome and consider any contribution.


srishti verma, Thursday, April 2, 15:35 UTC

Hello Bartek!!
I and my team(Believersyo) would love to contribute on this project .
Teammembers-Srishti and gauri
We are really excited and looking forward to be a part of this amazing open source program.
Right now we are working on( Build new homepage template #2902)
We have gone through this link ( and we are trying to work on some open issues

Priyadarshini Chettiar, Sunday, March 29, 21:08 UTC

I and our team would like to work on this project. We are developing skills, to give our best to the project. Looking forward to this new journey with Rgsoc.

Pakhi2001, Sunday, March 29, 15:10 UTC

I would like to contribute in this project. willing to learn anything that can help to contibute in this project.Please help me started.

Pakhi2001, Sunday, March 29, 15:09 UTC

I would like to contribute in this project. Please help me started.

Srija616, Friday, March 27, 07:31 UTC

Hey Bartek! Nishtha and I (Srija) from team Roomies are keen on contributing to Vanilla framework. We are new to open source. We also went through the GitHub repo, and the issues with RGSoC label. Let us know if the slack channel is being used for communication.

Li Han, Thursday, March 26, 16:29 UTC

Hello Bartek!

We are Team Quantum BogoSort. We are highly interested in this project and we would like to contribute to it. As we are Y1 Computer Science students at the University, we are relatively new to working on open-source projects, but we are excited about picking up new skills and knowledge while contributing to this project. We are familiar with Java and JavaScript and have some knowledge on Python, HTML and CSS. Furthermore, we would be able to dedicate much time and focus on this project during summer as we are not heavily involved in other commitments.

Thank you for the opportunity, we are looking forward to RGSoC! :)

Komal Ghanwat, Monday, March 23, 14:05 UTC

Hello! I (Komal) and my teammate Priya, we are from team HackerWomen. We are interested to work on this project and we would like to contribute to this project.

Ananya Lohani, Sunday, March 22, 09:18 UTC

Hi Bartek,

My teammate, Meetakshi and I(Ananya) are participating in RGSoC this year, and we would like to contribute to your project. We are familiar with CSS, HTML, and we have intermediate-level experience with Python and Java, and we are willing to learn anything that will be necessary for your project. Since this is our first time contributing to an open-source project, it would be great if you could guide us on how to get started with your project. Please suggest some areas that we can work on or some bugs that we can try to fix.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon :)

Sakshi, Saturday, March 21, 14:22 UTC

Respected Sir,
I (Sakshi) and my teammate Soumya , found your project very interesting to work upon this summer. We want to contribute and it's empowering to be able to make changes, even small ones.
* We tried to use and analyze and find it worth contributing.
* We also found our coach for this project with proficient skills and experience.
* We are also trying to figure out what new components can be added.
* We would soon bring some good contributions to the GitHub repository.

We will work smartly and put all our efforts into this project.

tea-n-biccies RGSoC, Friday, March 20, 13:43 UTC

Dear RGSoC applicants - we have added a new FAQ page to the website. Please check this out before asking mentors your questions, as we may already have an answer for you :)

Further details of how to apply to RGSoC (by 23:00 UTC on 30 March 2020) can be found at

Sonal Kushwaha, Saturday, March 14, 15:29 UTC

Hello, I am Sonal and my teammate Sakshi and I would love to work on this project as team Femmetech.
We are super excited to be a part of this project and we will do our best to contribute to it in every way possible!

Bartek Szopka, Wednesday, March 11, 07:02 UTC

Hi, sorry about Slack confusion. We don't use it too much and I didn't realise it's currently for internal company email addresses only.

Please contact me via email for now. I'll try to figure out the Slack access.

Aakanksha Jain, Wednesday, March 11, 06:41 UTC

Hi Bartek,
we're team 'Dee Dee & Dexter' interested to apply for this project. I've just mailed you with some possible tasks we can do during contribution period.
Also, the slack link here isn't an invite link, but workspace url. Is it meant for joining by RGSoC applicants too? or interns after they're selected?

tea-n-biccies RGSoC, Monday, March 9, 11:22 UTC

Hi everyone - the RGSoC team here :)
Just a reminder that student applications are open until 23:00 UTC on 30 March 2020.
For information on how to apply as a student so you can work on this project with RGSoC, please read the guidance at

Bartek Szopka, Thursday, March 5, 14:05 UTC

Hi Gayathri and Niharika. Thank you for the interest in our project.
As far as I understand in the initial phase of choosing projects you are not really expected to do any tasks. My plan was to introduce team students to the project details when Summer of Code starts.

If you are interested in learning more before you choose your project and before Summer of Code starts you can see a list of example tasks I've identified for Summer of Code under the link ( I guess their descriptions may not have enough details for you to be able to start on your own, but it may give you idea what kind of tasks you may be working on during RGSoC.

If you would like to try Vanilla before RGSoC starts feel free to follow our readme and documentation to run and build the project. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
You can do it directly on GitHub issues (for example if you find some instructions in README unclear) or you can send me an email to

vellanki gayathri, Thursday, March 5, 13:29 UTC

I am Gayathri Vellanki and my teammate is Niharika M.We are from team Linux Lions and looking forward to participate in RGSoC.We really Interested In your project. Though all the details mentioned give clear understanding of the project but can you guide us about - at initial phase what tasks we are supposed to do. And how and where we can get started?