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Project Description

ScienceMotions is a free, not-for-profit open source application to learn the concepts of high-school level science through animation.

Science is how shapes and forces move in space, so we believe animation is the best way to explain them.

Our goal is to create something fun and beautiful to look at, that teaches the concepts of high-school level science.

Project's Requirements

Participants should be able to put together a static site with HTML and CSS or have started building projects with Rails. Experience in Javascript helpful but is not a necessity, skills can be gained in the process.

  • Experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Experience with GIT and the command line
  • Experience or willingness to learn/ use Rails
  • Experience with the Model View Controller model
  • Interest in implementing tests
  • Interest in accessibility in web development
  • Interest in performance optimisation
  • Interest in design, science, education, front-end animation

If this sounds like you please email me at Looking forward to hearing from you!

Tasks And Features

We have a lot of interesting features to work on - including backend and frontend, but we can have a conversation and tailor tasks to participants’ interests and experience level.

You can help out by:
- Bug-fixing existing lessons
- Help us create great content by building lessons from scratch
- Working with RSpec to test our app
- Optimising performance - making our website load faster


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Wu Weiming, Monday, March 30, 13:34 UTC

Hi Jessica! We are Ming and Li Han from Team Quantum Bogosort and we are very interested to contribute to this project. We are familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript and Rails. Although we are new to contributing to open source projects, we are excited to learn and pick up new skills. Thank you for the opportunity, we are looking forward to RGSoC! :-)

Aline Ribeiro, Tuesday, March 24, 23:11 UTC

Hello, Jessica. My name is Aline. I am from Team Bits. My colleague, Stephanie, and I would love to work on your project. I was wondering if you are still available for a call, please, so that we could talk about how we could contribute (early) to ScienceMotions; if you would like us to submit a code challenge before our application; and to meet each other, of course. We are very excited about RGSoC. Thank you!

tea-n-biccies RGSoC, Friday, March 20, 13:43 UTC

Dear RGSoC applicants - we have added a new FAQ page to the website. Please check this out before asking mentors your questions, as we may already have an answer for you :)

Further details of how to apply to RGSoC (by 23:00 UTC on 30 March 2020) can be found at

ahladasai, Wednesday, March 11, 13:00 UTC

HI Jessica I am from Team FootLoose
My team is interested in working on this issue
guide us to work on this issue

Jessica Leach, Tuesday, March 10, 16:45 UTC

Great to meet you Team Bala Swecha! Would you like to arrange a call?
We can use this tool to arrange a time:
Just chose the best time for you :)

And we can use this for the call:

tea-n-biccies RGSoC, Monday, March 9, 11:20 UTC

Hi everyone - the RGSoC team here :)
Just a reminder that student applications are open until 23:00 UTC on 30 March 2020.
For information on how to apply as a student so you can work on this project with RGSoC, please read the guidance at

chandana11223, Monday, March 9, 05:11 UTC

Hi Jessica, I am from team Bala Swecha .
We are currently working on similar interactive web apps for children.
My team is familiar with React-JS front end application development.
We like your Idea and we are looking forward to work with your team.
Please let us know how can my team can contribute to this application using React-JS
thank you

Jessica Leach, Monday, March 2, 08:17 UTC

Thanks for signing up, looking forward to the call :) Let's use this:

Jessica Leach, Saturday, February 29, 18:33 UTC

Great to meet you both! Let's set up a call, can you use this link to schedule a call?

Megha Pathak, Saturday, February 29, 18:03 UTC

Hi Jessica,
We are team BoredBipolers and we are going to participate in RGSoC.
I'm Megha Pathak and my teammate is Kritika Singhal.
We really liked your project. How and where we can get started?