Object Detection App

MentorShashibhushan Singh (singh728om)
Project Websitehttps://github.com/singh728om/TensorflowLiteimage
Project Repositoryhttps://github.com/singh728om/TensorflowLiteimage
Suitable for Beginners?yes
TagsPython Java .
Applications (1st Choice)0 (0 submitted | 0 in-progress)
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Code of Conducthttps://github.com/singh728om/TensorflowLiteimage

Project Description

In This project we have created 3 android app supported with Tensorflow to Classifying Images , Speech and Object detection via android app.

Project's Requirements

Tenserflow Lite , Machine Learning , Android Development and Python.

Tasks And Features


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Laura RGSoC, Wednesday, May 22, 12:20 UTC

Hi Shashibhushan, thank you for your submission! Unfortunately this project still seems in its very early stages so I fear this isn't a really good fit for our project list this year.