Probot: build your own GitHub app(s)

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Project Description

Probot is a Node.js framework and an Open Source comunity for GitHub workflow automation. The same we can extend our code editors with plugins to fit our needs and make us more productive, GitHub Apps can automate workflows like closing stale issues, welcome new contributors or block work-in-progress issues. The possibilities are limitless :)

Project's Requirements

Students should be familiar with GitHub and Node.js. We can find projects for the students to work on which will help them grow their experience, no matter if they are still new to Node.js or if they already have a lot of experience with it.

Tasks And Features

  • Building a bot for the RGSoC website repo: Every year, RGSoC participants contribute to the RGSoC blog by writing blog posts about their team, sharing their experiences of the program, and writing about the conferences they attend. Currently these contributions are reviewed manually by RGSoC organisers, but what if we could build a bot that would automate some of it on GitHub, using the power of Probot? The RGSoC team have already put together some contributing guidelines that could be a great starting point for this project.


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Gregor Martynus, Tuesday, July 30, 05:03 UTC

Hey Simran & Karthika,

best place to start is to say hi in the Probot Community Chat, see

Next step would be going through the docs and setting up your own little Probot app, we are happy to help you through the process. After that maybe you have an own idea of what you'd like to build with Probot?

Along the way you can tweet/blog about your experience, that is always a great to help promote the project and also give the maintainers insights about what you learned and what problems you run into.

KarthikaJP, Monday, July 29, 11:19 UTC

Hi Gregor, I am Karthika and would love to contribute towards this project. Please let me know how I should go about it.

Simran Gambani, Saturday, June 1, 14:41 UTC

I find this very interesting and would like to contribute. Any suggestions on how do I start? Thanks in advance.