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Project Description

LatexGo - A project inspired by the aim of improving the writing experience and make it easy for people to use the power of Latex. It is based on a simple concept of client-side compiling thus uses emscripten to convert the LLVM based Latex compiler to Javascript compiler, making it easy to compile and accessible to everyone for free.

Project's Requirements

Like other web-based projects, skills in web development, especially in NodeJS, will be helpful.

Since this year program is self-paced, we do not have any hard requirement on skills and welcome everyone who is willing to learn.

Through this project you will learn:
1. WebSocket connections
2. Using Auth APIs
3. Drive APIs
4. About LLVM compilers
5. Good Knowledge of Emscripten ( might be able to contribute at their main repo)
6. UI Designing skills

Tasks And Features

The project is in alpha stage right now, the compiler successfully works on JS. The next core ideas to be worked on are mentioned on the Issues channel.

We aim to integrate simple but powerful collaboration system to allow people to experience the Google docs for Latex.

The next thing is to implement a new UI which will be no pain to eyes and people can work for hours in it. ( We will discuss or design ideas and wireframes first)

And lastly, improving the lazy loading to allow butter smooth and fast loading of compiler initially. ( also involves caching to prevent downloading again).

Please note that the scope of the project is big and it is not required for one team/person to do all. This year program is self-paced dso you can pick any idea or part of it.


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Laura RGSoC, Wednesday, May 8, 12:36 UTC

Hi Piyush, thank you for submitting a second project :) I think this is a nice fit even though it's very, very small — I hope that getting some contributors from our community will help it to grow :) We'll publish our blog post very soon and I will be in touch, but as always don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.