MentorGaurav Rawal, Shivam Luthra, Jaskirat Singh (iamgrawal, shivamluthra, jaskirat2000)
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Project Description

CodeBadge is a project which takes official GitHub API into consideration and makes a fading badges graph for each organization. This project would be organization-oriented project i.e. each organization will need to serve it on a reserved route, say /codebadge. For eg: If Coala wants to integrate CodeBadge, they’ll serve this project on Our aim is to make CodeBadge as a standard such that people start using it as a measure in order to test their skill level/track their progress in a specific community. For eg, Competitive Coding guys test their skills by asking each other what’s their rank on HackerRank / HackerEarth! Likewise, open-source contributors should start asking, Hey! What badge did you recently earned on CodeBadge!
Why do we need CodeBadge?
* To track and incorporate contributors’ progress in the community or community’s progress as a whole. Making a one-stop platform to find each contributor’s progress rather than finding it separately for each contributor.
* To show the progress by awarding some really cool badges to top contributors in order to keep them connected towards the community.
* Auto-assign related issues to most active contributors using tagging to keep contributors connected.

Project's Requirements

JavaScript, Vue.js. and difficulty to be Easy-Intermediate

Tasks And Features

  • GitHub Heatmaps are for each person’s profile and can be observed from visiting each contributor’s profile specifically. Whereas, our aim is to show a complete fading graph for an organization, which would hence be capable of showing each contributor’s progress as well.
  • There would be some pre-built badges by us as well as we offer the organization to design their own badges. This can be done by integrating some open-source drawing/designing tool like Inkscape for creating custom badges.
  • Pre-defined badges could be based on some achievement levels like Baby-Steps, Not-a-Newbie, Almost-Pro, Legendary-Committer, etc which could be awarded by setting some convention like a number of merged PRs or difficulty of issues resolved by the person.
  • Creating/Integrating a bot with our platform which would auto-assign/auto-suggest related issues to the top-most active contributors of the community on the basis of tagging, like what their recent PRs were based upon.
  • Admin Dashboard creation which would show notifications/cards for whosoever earned any new badge. Community Admins should have some extra privileges to award an extra badge to an extraordinary contributor say Committer-of-the-Month, Top-Contributor, GOAT(Greatest-of-all-Times), etc manually.


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Gaurav Rawal, Saturday, April 27, 15:56 UTC

Hi Maria, sure that would be indeed.
Go ahead and let us know what's your approach is.
Make sure to join our channel at for better communication.

Maria, Saturday, April 27, 15:40 UTC

Hello! Can I work on your project ? I have a little bit knowledge in JavaScript , vue.js only start learning.