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Project Description

What is Donut?

DONUT is a major project of Codeuino that serve social networking suite for various organisations to build up the social environment for their organisation and to showcase their products and services of their community. It also comes along with a collaboration platform to interact with one another. This project stands similar to "Facebook", "Twitter" like social media platforms. It is built on Node.js, React.js with major domains.

Project's Requirements

Student willing to work in this project should have worked before with Vue.js and Node.js and MongoDB extensively and should be able to prove their work with the help of opensource contribution or personal projects.

Tasks And Features

Build a categorization system using tags for Donut Platform.

So the task of this project is to develop a mechanism for Tags Explanation of tags in posts by WordPress. These tags will provide a useful way to group related posts together and to quickly tell readers what a post is about. The mechanism should be developed in such a way that users can make their own tags or can also select from predefined tags which automatically gets saved at one place that can be called as Tag Cloud.

When someone viewing a blog/project/article/ or any other post and when the user clicks on one of the defined tags used, a page will open with all the posts belonging to that particular tag should be displayed should also get displayed.

Let's Understand this with example

Assume that "X" user signs up on the DONUT platform. Once the "X" user has defined all the details about himself, then he would be asked to select some tags from the tags cloud which describes him the best and here, "X" user chooses "Designer", "Nodejs" and "Html". this tells us from the description of the tags in the tags cloud that this "X" user is a "Designer" and knows languages like "Nodejs" and "Html".On pursuing further these tags get stored for him.
Now assume another user "Y", suppose "Y" user is already logged into this platform. "Y" user writes a post as project/article/blog or any other thing related to feeds on it before he publishes, he would be asked to choose some tags from the Tags Cloud(Nothing but where are the tags will be stored). Suppose the "Y" user choose "Nodejs" tag from it. Here, we see that user "X" and "Y" has "Nodejs" common in them. So on publishing the post by user "Y", the particular project would be redirected to the "X"(because they both contain common tags), According to the description of the tagged user "X" would be able to review the thing.
"X" and "Y" can be users as well as communities.
Few things to be considered while developing the tags module as:

  • Minimum of 50 predefined tags are required with different colours.
  • Users can also make custom tags
  • Some required items can be inspired from here
  • Should be well formatted in the table in the "tags cloud" with tag name and descriptions required.
  • Giving access to the users to delete custom made tags, as well as edit custom, made tags.


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Devesh Verma, Tuesday, July 30, 09:07 UTC

Hey KarthikaJP, please join codeuino at -

KarthikaJP, Monday, July 29, 11:20 UTC

Hi Devesh, I am Karthika and would love to contribute towards this project. Please let me know how I should go about it.

Laura RGSoC, Thursday, May 2, 09:57 UTC

Hi Devesh,

Thank you for your submission! We think this project fits in very nicely with the scope of our project list this year, so we're happy to have you on board ✨ We'll be sharing the project list this week and I'll also email all mentors separately, but don't hesitate to reach out before that ( if you have any questions!

Devesh Verma, Monday, April 22, 17:48 UTC

For any clarifications and discussions join our slack channel -