Giving New look to Codeuino Website

MentorJaskirat Singh (jaskirat2000)
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Suitable for Beginners?yes
TagsReact HTML CSS Styling Javascript Markdown
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Project Description

Codeuino is a volunteer-driven non-profit open source Social networking organisation that provides various robust frameworks solutions which could span the entire world through building all kinds of social environments, discussion portals and collaboration platforms, giving prospectus to various other organisations, users and outreachers to use social media in a custom way.

So this project is about giving new look to existing website, taking into consideration of better user experience of the surfing of a website.

Project's Requirements

Student needs to have good knowledge of React, Javascript CSS Styling, material designing, familiar with the working of APIs, Markdowning

Tasks And Features

The website contains the following pages:
* Home page
* Project
* Get Involved
* wiki
* Licenses

So the task would be to refactor these existing pages and add few more pages like:
* Mentor page - Since Codeuino has been participating in many programs like Google Summer of Code, GirlScript Summer of Code, Hactoberfest. So giving their details and showcasing mentors over there with their details.
* Blog forum - where people can publish their blogs. ( This can be integrated as well with suitable tools)
* Integration of discussion portals like Discourse.

Markdowns to the project page with suitable/appropriate buttons through Github
This new website will be made from scratch.


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Khyati Goyal, Saturday, August 10, 06:54 UTC

Hi Jaskirat, I found this project interesting and want to work on this website.

jaskirat2000, Friday, April 26, 05:28 UTC

Hi Shagunaawasthi, thanks for reaching out. We already have this website but we plans to build from scratch so you can start discussing about your approach and solving some basic issues in the repo itself.

Moreover we have our channel, don't forget to join

Shagunaawasthi, Thursday, April 25, 22:24 UTC

Hi,Jaskirat I find your repository interesting and in alignment with the skills I have and the one's I wanna work on. How can i contribute to your repository?