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Project Description

To get started, join our Internship program where our mentors will guide you further

Cosmos is a family of projects that are focused on enabling computer science knowledge accessible offline and in a more readily available format.

Over 1,000 contributors have contributed to our projects which includes:

  • Cosmos: the data set of implementations of various computer science ideas in any language
  • Quark: An offline search engine
  • OpenGenus IQ : A readily available resource to understand computer science ideas
  • Cosmos Search: A search engine for developers focused on reducing time spent on searching
  • Falcon: A command line app giving access to computer science knowledge

and many others

For any questions, you should join our community at:

Project's Requirements

We are one of the most contributor friendly open source projects maintained by a group of maintainers.

You need not have any specific experience with any programming language, framework or idea to get started.

Having an interest to contribute to our projects is enough. We will guide you to get started with your contributions

Tasks And Features

Note that our mentors will guide you through the implementation details of the ideas and hence, you will be able to complete tasks easily.

Few major tasks include:

  • Expand our dataset by working on new categories/ topics (as illustrated in our task lists).
  • Improve Quark:
    • Adding support for custom recommendations
    • Better support for offline capability and prediction for automatic saving
  • Improve Cosmos Search by:
    • Adding support for general results
    • Better support for customized suggestions


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Aditya Chatterjee, Sunday, August 11, 15:50 UTC

Hi all,

To get started contributing to OpenGenus projects, we would advise you to join our Internship Program ( where our mentors will guide you further towards contributing to our open-source projects according to your interests.

Do review our guidelines and comment under the thread to get started.

Ananya Verma, Sunday, August 11, 11:43 UTC

I found this project very interesting and appealing and I would like to contribute to this project. Please guide me regarding where to start.

rishika1802, Monday, May 27, 14:20 UTC

Hey,I want to work in this project

Mehnaz Yunus, Friday, May 10, 16:33 UTC

I would like to be a part of this project. Please guide me regarding where to start

Megha Varshney, Tuesday, May 7, 18:34 UTC

Hey Aditya,
I found this project really interesting would like to contribute to the same.

jainshivani1996, Friday, April 26, 19:34 UTC

I would like to be a part of this project.

Laura RGSoC, Wednesday, April 24, 10:12 UTC

Hi Aditya, it's great to see Cosmos submitted again to our project list, and I'm happy to approve it! We'll share the final list next week with all the projects for our community — I'll be in touch soon, but don't hesitate to reach out ( if you have any questions or need anything. ✨

pingo9o1, Friday, April 19, 08:43 UTC

hii i am harshit and i would like to contribute to your project . I am new to github just learning it ,but i am interested to work on this ,kindly guide me .