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Project Description

Mathball is a JavaScript library for competitive programming, implementing optimized algorithms for faster execution.

npm install mathball --save

Project's Requirements

Students must have a good grasp on JavaScript & Git along with a basic understanding of:

  • Node.js
  • Unit Tests
  • CommonJS module pattern
  • MarkDown

For learning JavaScript in depth, I'd recommend You-Dont-Know-JS series of books!

Tasks And Features

Students can work on issues related to feature-request, bug-fixes or enhancements. Each issue often comprises of the following:

  • optimizing an existing feature
  • implementing an additional feature
  • fixing discrepancy within a module
  • adding or improving documentation

Here are some issues that have been resolved:


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Laura RGSoC, Monday, April 29, 08:46 UTC

Hi Priyabrata, thank you for submitting your project! I think Mathball is a good fit for newcomers to open source who are interested in algorithms and improving their JS skills, and I'm happy to approve it! We'll share the final list this week with all the projects for our community — I'll be in touch soon, but don't hesitate to reach out ( if you have any questions or need anything. ✨

Priyabrata Biswas, Tuesday, April 9, 14:39 UTC

Hi, Anupriya and Sakshi, I'm glad to hear that your teams are looking forward to contributing.
Anupriya, for learning how to contribute, please refer to the guidelines mentioned on the GitHub repo.

Sakshi Chahal, Tuesday, April 9, 13:37 UTC

Hi, I and my teammate want to contribute to this project.

Anupriya Shree, Thursday, April 4, 06:05 UTC

I am a freshman from IIT Dhanbad!
I would like to contribute.
Please guide!
Anupriya Shree

Priyabrata Biswas, Monday, April 1, 16:26 UTC

Hi, Megha. I'm glad to hear that you're looking forward to work on this project.
Mathball is mainly driven by utilities that can help to build computation based projects but mainly focusses on competitive-programming. In order to contribute, first, go through the codebase and get acquainted with how everything works. Also, read the contribution guidelines mentioned here.

Finally, research about new features that can be implemented within mathball and raise an issue regarding it.
Once the issue gets approved, and you're assigned, you can start working on it.

Another way to contribute is to fix a bug or add documentation on existing modules. Either way, be sure to raise an issue regarding it!

Megha Sharma, Monday, April 1, 14:22 UTC

I, Megha and my teammate, Jhalak of team ShowThem are interested in the project. We would love to work on this project. How should we start?