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Project Description

Anna is a community driven ambitious virtual assistant on Google Chrome to help people Automate actions using Voice. elephant

Sounds boring? Let's try again.

Meet Anna, your very own personal assistant on Google Chrome Webstore to help make your life effortless. Why to open and type in browser when you can just talk to it, and tell what to do.

Anna will be there to help you do what you want. You want to take a screenshot, say "hey, screenshot". You want to open a website like facebook, say "hey, open facebook". Not only this, it can do much more. Why to type when you can just speak

Anna is still in alpha, that means she is still learning and won't work sometimes. But if you love the idea, you could make her amazing.

Project's Requirements


It would be nice if you have some experience in tensorflow.js but not required.

Tasks And Features

Improvement in recognition for browser extension using Tensorflow.js or any other suitable way.

Add more tasks.

Make a way to add tasks easily for developers or non developers.

Inetragte with existing services.

Improve pop up

Support mulitple langauges

Improve performance

Refractor code.


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Avijit Chakraborty, Saturday, May 11, 10:00 UTC

I have experience in working with Dialogflow. Would love to work in this project.

Laura RGSoC, Friday, May 3, 12:17 UTC

Hi Gautham, thank you for your submission — I'm happy to accept this project for our project list! We'll be publishing a final list of projects very soon — in the meanwhile, don't hesitate to reach out to us ( if you have any questions. 🎊

jainshivani1996, Friday, April 26, 19:33 UTC

I m interested to work on this project.

Gautham Santhosh, Sunday, April 21, 00:36 UTC

Guys in general to start off, please start by installing Anna and then start doing an issue on GitHub, If you have any queries do text anytime. No need to ask if you can do. Comment on the issue you are working on, so that i can assign it to you.

Ashita Gaur, Friday, April 19, 17:09 UTC

Hello sir,
I'm very interested in your project and I have all the required skills for this project.I'd like to contribute to this project. I have some experience in making chatbots, AI and have official work experience with JS.

Sakshi Chahal, Tuesday, April 9, 13:32 UTC

Hi Gautham, me and my teammate would love to work on this project.

Nupur, Monday, April 1, 18:19 UTC

Hello. I am Nupur Iam interested to work in this project

Gautham Santhosh, Saturday, March 23, 12:22 UTC

You can start off by looking into the Issues - or join the chat at

thornthestral, Saturday, March 23, 05:14 UTC

Respected Sir/Madam,
We'd like to contribute to this project. We have some experience in making chatbots, chrome extensions and we are familiar with JS and CSS too.