MentorPiyush Agrawal (poush)
Project Websitehttp://h2org.ml/
Project Repositoryhttps://github.com/poush/h2
Suitable for Beginners?no
Tagsnodejs electronjs
Applications (1st Choice)0 (0 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Applications (2nd Choice)0 (0 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Code of Conducthttps://github.com/poush/H2/blob/master/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md
LicenseMIT license (MIT)

Project Description

H2 is a minimalist browser to watch embedded videos and more in picture-in-picture mode. To improve the multitasking experience, H2 aims to allow people to do more than just watching videos and media files. Thanks to Electron framework, we can now integrate different features including quick editors, stick notes, and possibly artificial intelligence using tensorflow.js

Project's Requirements

  1. Good knowledge of Javascript is required.
  2. Knowledge of Electron framework is desired.
  3. One or more contribution to the codebase will help us to see your comfortability with the project.

Tasks And Features


Above link contains possible ideas for the project. You can select any or come up with completely of your own. Feel free to discuss on issues or Gitter channel. Also, before any implementation of the idea, please do make sure that you will have to first make a proper beta release of the latest code. This release includes putting up the required graphics to build for all platform and fixing any broken links on the website. This also includes fixing of the release build of Travis which should be triggered on some specific tag.


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Piyush Agrawal, Friday, May 3, 14:32 UTC

Hi Anumeha,

The completed list of accepted projects seems to just finalized. The project timeline is expected to start from 1st July so we may soon get the notification of application procedure for the students.

Anumeha Lakra, Friday, May 3, 14:03 UTC

when the teams will be selected
when would we know about it

Laura RGSoC, Friday, April 26, 08:19 UTC

Hi Piyush,

Thank you for submitting your project. I think this would make a great fit for newcomers to open source and I'm happy to approve it! We'll share the final list next week with all the projects for our community — I'll be in touch soon, but don't hesitate to reach out (contact@rgsoc.org) if you have any questions or need anything. ✨

Piyush Agrawal, Tuesday, April 2, 18:28 UTC

Also, feel free to join the Gitter channel (https://gitter.im/h2org/community)

Piyush Agrawal, Tuesday, April 2, 18:26 UTC

Hi Megha and Prashi,

Thanks for your interest in the project. As you may have read from the description, this project is built upon electron.js framework with the aim to make it work for cross-platform. To get started, you can run this app on your system, learn about service provider and work on active issues. Feel free to ask any questions there. Some of the things to improve include: setting up basic code coverage and test code, check thoroughly for any issues in Windows (like tray icon), etc.

Megha Sharma, Monday, April 1, 14:12 UTC

I am Megha and my teammate Jhalak, team ShowThem are really interested in this project. We would love to work on this project. Could you guide us on how to start?

Prashi Doval, Sunday, March 24, 23:37 UTC

Hello Piyush,
I am Prashi, me and teammate Anumehra, team TERMINATORS found your project really interesting. We would be happy if we could work on your project.