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Project Description

ScienceMotion is a free, not-for-profit open source application to learn the concepts of high-school level science through animation. Scientific theories are about how shapes and forces move in space, so we believe animation is the best way to explain them.

- To create something as fun as MTV or Sesame Street to look at, that teaches the - concepts of high-school level science.
- To get users from all walks of life to view and enjoy our animations.
- To help high school students reach their goals with scientific understanding and knowledge.

Live site:

Project's Requirements

Participants should be able to put together a static site with HTML and CSS or have started building projects with Rails. Experience in Javascript helpful but is not a necessity, skills can be gained in the process.

  • Experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Experience with GIT and the command line
  • Experience or willingness to learn/ use Rails
  • Experience with the Model View Controller model
  • Interest in implementing unit, integration, and acceptance tests
  • Interest in accessibility in web development and performance optimisation
  • Interest in design, science, education, front-end animation

In the end, a passion for the project and a desire to build and learn are the most important things, so I would very much encourage applicants who have less experience but more excitement about the project!

Tasks And Features

We have a lot of interesting features that are available to work on - these tasks for include backend and frontend work, but we can have a conversation and tailor tasks to participants’ interests and experience level.

Do you want to help make engaging designs and animations for lessons? If you want to gain experience in React we’d love your help with moving to React frontend. We also need help with Ruby on Rails and testing with RSpec.

Does open-sourced, online and interactive education appeal to you? You can help out by:

  • Bug-fixing existing lessons
  • Working on long-form lessons with a fun tool like Skrollr
  • Help us create great content by building lessons from scratch
  • What about working with rails? If you’re interested in learning how to build a backend framework, we are in the process of migrating our courses to a rails backend (MVC process):
  • Writing unit tests - very important and great experience
  • Optimising performance - making our website load faster


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KarthikaJP, Monday, July 29, 11:15 UTC

Hi Jessica, I am Karthika and would love to contribute towards this project. Please let me know how I should go about it.

Jessica Leach, Monday, May 27, 08:25 UTC

Vidi, Mannandeep, great to hear from you!

Please chose a topic from here:

Let me know which you want to do and email me at

Vidhi Seth, Monday, May 27, 07:34 UTC

Hi Jessica! I am Vidhi and I would love to contribute to this project. Could you please guide me on how to go about it?

Mannandeep Caur, Monday, May 27, 07:19 UTC

Hey Jessica ,
I am Mannandeep , your project is really interesting and I'd really love to contribute to it .
Please guide me through the process.

Jessica Leach, Sunday, May 12, 07:33 UTC

Thanks for all your interest everyone! Here are guidelines to contributing

  1. Choose one of the concepts in the list here (you can choose biology, chemistry or physics, just take one which has not been assigned yet)
  2. Tell me which one you have chosen so that I can mark it as 'in progress' and no one else will take it.
  3. Design a lesson using animation and some interaction from the user (e.g. something moves on mouse movement, hover, scroll)
  4. There is also a list of web design examples you can use for inspiration
  5. Use fonts and colors from the style guide

You can make a pull request to either: (Front end only html, css, js) (React & Ruby on Rails)

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions!

Many thanks,

Shagunaawasthi, Thursday, April 25, 22:27 UTC

Hi Jessica, your project is really cool and I would love to contribute to your project.

Laura RGSoC, Wednesday, April 24, 09:45 UTC

Hi Jessica,

I'm so, so happy to see you submit ScienceMotions again and even more happy to officially approve it for our project list 🎉
We'll share the final list next week with all the projects for our community — I'll be in touch but don't hesitate to reach out ( if you have any questions or need anything! <3333

Jessica Leach, Friday, April 19, 10:35 UTC

Hello Meghna! Great to meet you! :D

Please clone and run this repo.
Then email me at and we can go over any errors and how to contribute!

meghna , Friday, April 19, 09:05 UTC

Hey !
I am Meghna .I find this project interesting and I want to contribute in this project , can you please guide me to start .

Jessica Leach, Monday, April 8, 16:57 UTC

Hey Urvi! Thanks for the message :)

Please clone and run this repo. Instructions are in the readme.

When you have run it or when you see errors please email me at and we can go over how to contribute!

Urvi, Monday, April 8, 16:02 UTC

Hi! I am Urvi. I find this project really interesting and I look forward to working on it. Could you kindly tell me the proceedings?

Jessica Leach, Friday, April 5, 05:58 UTC

Great to meet you Ria and Prangya!

Please clone and run this repo. Instructions are in the readme.

When you have run it or when you see errors please email me at and e can go over how to contribute! Many thanks!!

prangya244, Thursday, April 4, 12:43 UTC

hello, I am interested to work on this project. How can I start contributing?

Ria Bhatia, Thursday, April 4, 11:53 UTC

Hey, I am interested to be a part of this project. How can I start contributing ?

Jessica Leach, Sunday, March 24, 07:48 UTC

Hi Perside! Email me at and we can find a time to chat?

Claude-Kamaha, Saturday, March 23, 23:42 UTC

Hello,I am Claude Kamaha and I will be very happy if I could work on this project,Please could someone guide me to start?

Jessica Leach, Friday, March 1, 15:56 UTC

Hello! Great to hear from you! Shall we have a call to talk about what you'd like to get involved in? Here's a link to the slack channel!

Perside Rosalie, Friday, March 1, 11:59 UTC

HI, I am Mondjo Perside and I am interested in this project. Could you link me please to some microtasks?