MentorSiddhant Srivastav (WickedBrat)
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TagsAngular Angular Material Material UI Django Python API Mentors Product development
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Project Description

The project aims on developing a platform to focus on providing guidance in the process of product development with help of community. Find teams, members, mentors or get help from the community to improve your product to get the best possible exposure.

Project's Requirements

  • Angular 2+ (Curently uses Angular 7)
  • Python, Django
  • Angular Material
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SCSS
  • JS/ TypeScript

Tasks And Features

Students will be required to work on creating API with Django and frontend with Angular 7. Students will be implementing UI mocks, add new features and work with Angular Material.


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Siddhant Srivastav, Wednesday, January 23, 02:32 UTC

HI Alisha! Thanks for the catch! Yes it's just Cynthesize.

Alisha Aneja, Tuesday, January 22, 23:51 UTC

Hi Siddhant, The page for the project in your comment ( is 404. I guess its only Cynthesize now?

Siddhant Srivastav, Tuesday, January 8, 12:48 UTC

Hi Ritu!
You may head out to and clone the repo. You may also discuss issues and stuff with the team to get started. For chatting please refer to our gitter channel

RITU KANWAR SHEKHAWAT, Sunday, January 6, 11:52 UTC

Respected sir/ ma'am

May i work on this project ?