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Project Description

Servo is an open source web rendering engine (the thing that powers browsers like Firefox and Chrome) written from the ground up in the new programming language called Rust. Its purpose is to:

Servo's goal is full compatibility with existing web content that follows web standards, with competitive performance and improved security compared to other modern web browsers.


if you are interested in this project and have any project-specific questions, you can use the dev-servo mailing list

Project's Requirements

  • comfortable using an existing programming language (e.g. any of Python, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, C, etc.)
  • enthusiastic about learning Rust, which will be the implementation language for all changes to Servo
  • unafraid of learning enough JavaScript to understand our automated tests

Tasks And Features

Support responsive images in web content (tracking issue):
* <picture> and <source> elements
* the sizes and srcset attributes
* implement the complete image load algorithm
* implement the reacting to environment changes algorithm


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Gauri Kholkar, Thursday, February 15, 15:17 UTC


I'd love to help out as a coach/ remote Coach for the project. I've interned with the Rust Compiler team as an Outreachy intern and am hoping to giving back to the community :). Here's more info about me -

Aishwarya Pant, Tuesday, February 13, 07:28 UTC


If anyone wants to work on this project, I would be very interested in being a coach.
My contact information and details are here -


paavininanda, Friday, February 2, 18:43 UTC

Hi! I am interesting in this project. I am an open source enthusiast. I know HTML, JS, C++. I would love to learn a new language. Rust seems really interesting. By now, I have implemented the first part of the task given in Hoping to complete the second part soon :)

Josh Matthews, Thursday, February 1, 16:28 UTC

Please visit and try making a small change to Servo to help decide if it would be a good fit!