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Project Description

Compiler for next generation JavaScript

Our team is mostly volunteer (although I just left work so I'm trying to work on this project full time and do this kind of thing). We're excited to learn/mentor.

Project's Requirements

javascript, potentially html/react/css for any website related things, otherwise an interest in compilers, ASTs, JS as a language, tooling

Tasks And Features

I added a roadmap PR of potential things we want to do as a project if anyone was interested: I would check our videos to get an idea of Babel as a project:

I think good projects would be:
- to improve upon our REPL at (integrating with potentially),
- converting the Lebab project over to Babel as described in
- iterating on
- or creating a babel plugin tool to vet and increase the quality of npm babel plugins as mentioned in
- Can check our blog posts for info on last years GSoC and RGSoC


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Shikha Panwar, Saturday, February 24, 11:24 UTC

I am Shikha Panwar, 3rd year UG in CSE, IIT Kharagpur. I along with my partner Ankita Sahoo, second year UG in ECE from IIT Kharagpur interested in working on this workshop. We are familiar with git and have sound knowledge of Compilers , Javascript, JS, Mysql and are interested in working on this project.

It will be great if you could guide us get started and contribute to the projects.

psxpa3, Friday, February 9, 18:40 UTC

Hi Henry,

I (Priya) with my friend (Kavya) wants to work on this project. We collaboratively have the skills required for this project. So, could we have a quick meeting (skype or whatever way) to get to know more about this project and what sort of prior contributions, if any, is needed before filing the application for RGSoc.

email id:

Priya Arora

Henry Zhu, Tuesday, February 6, 13:08 UTC

You can reach out to me on Twitter (or DM) if you'd like to chat (or video call) for more information, what it was like last year, etc. Or maybe talk to about her experience?

ANISHA SWAIN, Saturday, February 3, 08:35 UTC

I would like to work on the project. I am experienced with NodeJS, D3JS, Express framework, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap with MongoDB and MySQL. Though I am new to ElectronJS, yet I am confident enough to develop my skills in ElectronJS. Kindly guide me through the process. Thank You