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Project Description

LivingStyleGuide extends Markdown to improve writing documentation, especially documentation with code examples such as Web Component libraries in Design Systems.

LivingStyleGuide has been around for a couple of years as Ruby Gem to be included in Rails or used stand alone. In 2017 a rewrite in JavaScript started. The design goals are:

  • Faster compilation
  • Easy integration into established build systems like Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, …
  • Improved extendability with JavaScript plugins
  • Backwards compatibility with the Ruby implementation of LivingStyleGuide as well as a new Ruby Gem which wraps the JavaScript implementation for easy Rails integration

This process is just in the middle and open for contributions from the Rails Girls community! The development happens in the js branch.


If you are interested in this project and have any project-specific questions, hop into this slack.

Project's Requirements

Required knowledge

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS

“Required” as in please have at least took part in a Rails Girls (or similar) course that covers the topics listed above or have been working on other projects in that area before. You do not need to be an expert; you should have an understanding how those languages in combination can create an interactive website.

Nice to have

  • A background/interest in design
  • Markdown
  • Sass, PostCSS
  • Writing skills
  • Video creation experience (for tutorials)
  • Ruby/Ruby on Rails experience

Not needed at all

  • Back-end
  • Databases
  • Hardware skills

Tasks And Features

Students can get involved into several tasks of (re)implementing LivingStyleGuide in JavaScript (see “Project Description” for more background). For some tasks, the older Ruby implementation can be used as a reference implementation. Other tasks will be described in Github issues and discussed in person.

Some tasks

  • Rewriting the default plugins (list of old Ruby implementations) as separate Node packages (NPM) in JavaScript
  • Extend the documentation for your own code
  • Write a beginner’s guide from your perspective getting to know LivingStyleGuide the first time yourself
  • Implement a Rails integration of the JavaScript code (the Autoprefixer might be a good source for inspiration)
  • Writing plugins (which can separate from the main LivingStyleGuide codebase)
  • When you speak other languages than English, translations for the documentation could be a good start

Flexible task planning

The tasks will be planned based on the experience and personal interests of the applicants. Suggestions for new features by the students are very welcomed. The last RGSoC team came up with great ideas during the time.


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Racheal Mwatela, Wednesday, February 28, 07:02 UTC

Hi Nico!
My partner,Rahma and I would really love to work on this project.We have experience in HTML,CSS and JavaScript that we hope to leverage in this project.Hoping for a positive response.

yati1998, Thursday, February 15, 09:54 UTC

I and my teammate Pallavi Das are very much interested in your project. We have sufficient knowledge of Html,CSS, Javascript. This project could be a great opportunity to enhance our skills and knowledge. Awaiting your reply.

Ananya Singh, Thursday, February 8, 18:15 UTC

Hello. Utsha and I are very interested in your project. We are proficient in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Ruby on Rails and graphic designing.
In my personal opinion the current way of documentation is quite uninteresting and we should make it more user friendly. We have some ideas on how to improve this. Please tell us more about your project. Awaiting your reply.
Thank You.

Paarmita Bhargava, Thursday, February 8, 14:05 UTC

Hi! Saloni and I love to work on projects.We have experience with Ruby on Rails and are familiar with the codebase and application development.We also have appreciable knowledge in HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap(front end, git, and documentation.We are currently learning React.We are interested in learning new skills and this project gives us that opportunity.
Please guide us on how we can contribute to the same. :)

Parul Aggarwal, Monday, February 5, 11:21 UTC

Hello Nico!
My partner Sneha and I loved the concept of your project LivingStyleGuide. Please guide us on how we can contribute to the same. Also it would be great if we could continue the further communication through any medium of your choice. We are looking forward to hear from your side to begin with our contributions. :D