API Platform

MentorKévin Dunglas (dunglas)
Project Websitehttps://api-platform.com
Project Repositoryhttp://github.com/api-platform/api-platform
Suitable for Beginners?yes
TagsPHP JavaScript Symfony Angular React Docker Kubernetes
Applications (1st Choice)3 (3 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Applications (2nd Choice)8 (7 submitted | 1 in-progress)
Code of Conducthttps://api-platform.com/docs/extra/conduct
LicenseMIT license (MIT)

Project Description

API Platform is a REST and GraphQL framework to build modern API-driven projects.
It contains the following components:

  • A server component written in PHP/Symfony able to expose hypermedia (JSON-LD, JSON API, HAL) and GraphQL endpoints
  • An admin component built on top of React and Admin on Rest
  • A client generator able to generate React and Vue.js Progressive Web Apps as well as React Native mobile apps

Project's Requirements

  • Good knowledge of PHP (and ideally Symfony) to work on the server part
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript (and ideally React) to work on the client parts
  • No knowledge at all to improve the documentation

Tasks And Features

  • Adding support for filters exposed by the API in the admin component (JavaScript, PHP)
  • Finishing the React Native Generator (JavaScript)
  • Creating an Angular Progressive Web App generator (JavaScript)
  • Adding support for MongoDB (PHP, MongoDB)
  • Adding a cursor based pagination (PHP)
  • Improving performance of the server component (PHP)
  • Improving the access control mechanism (PHP)
  • Improving the documentation

Students will be coached by members of the API Platform Core Team.
Les-Tilleuls.coop, the company who open-source the framework will host 2 people in Lille, France and remote coaching is also possible.


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Hamza Amrouche, Wednesday, February 28, 11:05 UTC

As a core team member of API-Platform,
I'm available as a Coach with Les-Tilleuls.coop.

Vandana Kumari, Wednesday, February 28, 08:30 UTC

I amVandana Kumari I along with my partnerMansi are interested in working as we are familiar with git and have worked on PHP , Javascript and React and have idea of docker and kubernetes
It would be great contributing to it.

Shubhi Lohani, Monday, February 26, 18:10 UTC

Hi, I am Shubhi, senior undergraduate pursuing Computer Science Engineering. I and my teammate Sonali, are really interested in contributing to this project. We have worked in PHP and Javascript and have a fair knowledge of both. We are eager to learn new technologies and really excited to work with you all!

Ankita Sahoo, Saturday, February 24, 11:27 UTC

I am Ankita Sahoo,second year UG in ECE , IIT Kharagpur. I along with my partner Shikha Panwar, 3rd year UG in CSE from IIT Kharagpur are interested in working on this project. We are familiar with git and have sound knowledge of PHP , Javascript and React.
It will be great if you could guide us get started and contribute to the projects.

Deepika Upadhyay, Saturday, February 24, 10:27 UTC

Hi Cécile and Kevin,
I Deepika and my teammate Arpita , are planning to work on api-platform as our RGSoC project, Arpita mentioned some of the tasks we are targeting now , we needed some guidance for getting started and are looking to get connected with our possible coaches from Les-Tilleuls.coop ,we hope to register them soon to our Team and get started contributing ,really excited to work with api-platform team :)

Kévin Dunglas, Wednesday, February 21, 21:17 UTC

Hi everybody,

First of all, thanks to all of you for your interest to the project, that's great!

To contribute to the project, that's easy: all the development process is open and occurs on GitHub: https://github.com/api-platform/
The project is splitted in several components, the main ones are:

https://github.com/api-platform/api-platform/ : the "distribution", it mainly contains the Docker setup and all other components
https://github.com/api-platform/core/ : the server component (in PHP/Symfony), it's the repository where the development is the more active, and probably the one you'll have to deal with on a daily basis
https://github.com/api-platform/admin/ : the admin component (in JS/React), it contains the admin
https://github.com/api-platform/client-generator/ : the Progressive Web App generator (support React and Vue, and is a Node.js CLI tool)

Other repositories are less important.

Every repository contains a CONTRIBUTING.md, a but tracker (with on going issues), tests and a CI (Travis CI).

You can even start contributing right now if you are interested in. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me on Slack (preferred, #api-platform on the Symfony's Slack, https://api-platform.com/support) or by mail.

Viduni Wickramarachchi, Wednesday, February 21, 06:46 UTC

Hi Kevin,
I am very much interested in contributing to this project along with my teammate Uthpala. (Team Cipher). We possess the knowledge and expertise of the technologies required for this project too. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Arpita Nema , Tuesday, February 20, 02:54 UTC

Hello, I am Arpita. Me and my partner are very interested to work on this project. We are 3rd year computer science students and have proficiency in PHP and some knowledge of Javascript . We would love to contribute in following tasks as early as possible -
*Adding support for MongoDB (PHP, MongoDB)
*Adding a cursor based pagination (PHP)
*Improving performance of the server component (PHP)
*Improving the access control mechanism (PHP)
*Improving the documentation
Also we are enthusiastic to learn new technologies required for this project and want to know more about how we can contribute to it.
Looking forward for your reply.
Thank you

Anchal, Friday, February 16, 18:07 UTC

Hi Cécile, thanks for your response!
Me and my partner are both currently students in India, and would thus be able to work only remotely for now.

Cécile HAMEREL, Friday, February 16, 12:17 UTC

Hi Anchal, thank you for your comment! We would be very delighted to work with you on API Platform.
Kévin (API Platform's mentor) will send you a message in the next few hours.
Would you be interested to come in our offices in France or are you looking for a remote mission? In both cases, we'll be happy to help!

Anchal, Thursday, February 15, 16:51 UTC

Hello, I am Anchal. I and my partner Aditi are very much interested to work on this project. We have proficiency in Javascript and have a little bit knowledge about Angular . We are eager to learn new skills and implement them in the real world applications.
We would like to know more about your project and how can we contribute towards it. Awaiting your reply.
Thank You.