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Project Description


OpenMRS uses a central concept dictionary to define much of the clinical data that are stored. Instead of having a "pulse" attribute hardcoded into a database table, the idea of "pulse" is entered into the concept dictionary and, when a patient's pulse is recorded, an entry is added to the observation table referencing the "pulse" concept within the dictionary. Concepts in the dictionary are categorized (or classified) using Concept Classes. Some of the pre-defined concepts classes include "Test", "Procedure", "Drug", "Diagnosis", "Question", "Anatomy", etc. This list was a rather arbitrary classification scheme created to place concepts into high level "buckets" based on how there going to be used within the system. We've gotten very far using a relatively small number of concept classes and the constraint of each concept being assigned to a single concept class; however, as the number of implementations & distributions of OpenMRS grows, the constraints of concept classes are beginning to cause problems.


The goal of this project is to provide more flexibility in classifying concepts by allowing concepts to be assigned to more than one class, while providing backwards compatibility so the large body of existing code does not break in the process.

Project's Requirements

  • Strong Java skills
  • Familiarity with the OpenMRS API
  • An basic understanding of how Concepts are modeled within OpenMRS

Tasks And Features

  • Add the ability to assign concepts to more than one concept class within the API in a way that is backwards-compatible (available through new methods, maintain a "primary" class assignment for each concept to be used in cases where only one class is supported):

  • Adapt the REST API to support multiple classes per concept

  • Adapt the most widely used concept tools to allow for more than one concept class per concept (e.g., concept management tools)

How to get started


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Irene Nyakate, Wednesday, February 28, 10:43 UTC

I and my teammate Juliet Wamalwa passionately want to contribute to this project . We are not so much experienced but given chance we hope to make an impact to OpenMRS and Rails girls Summer of Code.

Uthpala Pitawela, Saturday, February 24, 01:19 UTC

I have gone through "" and joined the openMRS community with the openMRS ID of uthpalaisiru94. I have gone through this link "", and was able to successfully setup the project. Should I also install openMRS SDK ? Looking forward for your reply.
Thank you

Uthpala Pitawela, Wednesday, February 21, 06:44 UTC

Hi Daniel,
Me and my teammate Viduni would like to contribute for this project. We have already set up the project and we had a initial look at it. We are also familiar with the technologies required for this project. Looking forward to hear from you.

amrutha-baratam, Friday, February 16, 18:25 UTC

My mate(swetha) and I from team sigma, have done projects in html, css , php, javascript, mysql and java.
We found this project interesting and would like to work on this project. We would like to enhance our knowledge in the above fields.
Can you please share us the intro tasks that we need to continue.

yati1998, Wednesday, February 14, 16:22 UTC

I and my teammate Pallavi Das wants to contribute to this project. We are not much experienced but have done previous open source contribution and hence also interested to work on this..

Courage Angeh, Monday, February 12, 13:46 UTC

I am called Courage Angeh, i have gone through the getting started guide and i have my system setup - I have about 2-years of experience in Java - Spring and I would like to know the next step from there.
Also really excited in getting into this project

Tanisha Mittal, Sunday, February 11, 13:59 UTC

Yes.We have looked at this and joined OpenMRS and completed a few of the prerequisites. Planning to work on it further!

dkayiwa, Saturday, February 10, 22:21 UTC

Great to see that you have interest in this project. Do you mind taking at look at this?

Tanisha Mittal, Thursday, February 8, 15:19 UTC

Hello. My team mate Krupa and I are interested in working on this project. We both are proficient in Java and Python. We would like to contribute to this project already. Please let us know how!
Thank you