Karrot (Foodsaving Worldwide)

MentorTilmann Becker (tiltec)
Project Websitehttps://foodsaving.world
Project Repositoryhttps://github.com/yunity/karrot-frontend
Suitable for Beginners?yes
TagsJavaScript Python VueJS Django HTML CSS
Applications (1st Choice)18 (16 submitted | 2 in-progress)
Applications (2nd Choice)8 (8 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Code of Conducthttps://github.com/yunity/karrot-frontend/blob/master/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md
LicenseMIT license (MIT)

Project Description

karrot is a web-app to support foodsaving groups worldwide. It supports multiple languages, hierarchy-free groups, group conversations and a sophisticated pick-up organizer.

A bit more background why we started developing karrot in 2016: there are many foodsaving initiatives all over the world, that are getting leftover food from stores, markets and supermarkets. With further growth, they need support with organization.

The bigger goal of the foodsaving worldwide project is to save our common resources as much as possible. We are connected to the yunity network, which promotes unconditional sharing and sustainable living.

Mentors for this project will be Nick Sellen (@nicksellen) and Tilmann Becker (@tiltec), assisted by other members of the karrot team.

Project's Requirements

The requirements are very much depending on the task that you want to work on. One thing that is common to all: a high degree of self-motivation.

  • For developers, you will be working with JavaScript (VueJS 2) or Python (Django).
  • For designers, you can use a tool of your liking (we prefer Open Source tools) and perhaps use HTML and CSS to implement your designs.
  • For planners and communicators, you will learn about the users' requirements and gather feedback via different channels (Slack, E-Mail, Facebook)

Tasks And Features

We have an open development process and will be happy to support your motivation:

  • Planning and implementation of new features (frontend and backend)
  • Graphic design
  • Communication with users
  • Devops: learning and improving the development workflow

Some examples of features that you can work on:

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Jinali Wijetunge, Wednesday, February 28, 15:22 UTC

Me and my partner Sandali would like to work on this project. We are open to any challenge and eager to learn new technologies which will enhance the productivity and working of the app. We have done javascript ,python, HTML and CSS. We would definitely like to be a part of this project and give our helping hands to the the ones in need in someway we can.
Thank you.

Tilmann Becker, Saturday, February 24, 14:19 UTC

Hey everyone! Sorry to reply so late, I somehow don't get notifications for comments here.

I want to invite you all to have a chat in the #karrot-dev and #karrot-rgsoc channels in the yunity Slack. I also wrote a blog post containing some answers to frequent questions

Looking forward to you!

Juhi-0711, Friday, February 23, 20:04 UTC

We are a team from IIITB(India). We have most of the skills required for the above project. Plus, we are also creatively aligned and are especially interested in the design elements of the project.
We also feel very strongly about the project, about 50% of the produced food goes to waste, yet millions are hungry. If we can contribute to the cause, in any form or manner, if only it is by giving our time and skills, we would be extremely happy.
Thank You
Juhi and Anagha

Aneri Mehta, Friday, February 23, 12:11 UTC

I'm Aneri Mehta and I and my teammate Stuti Mehta would like to work on this project.
We know python and are eager to learn every new technology that might be useful in accomplishing the needs of the project.
Looking forward to working with this project.
Thank you.

Muskan Sapolia, Wednesday, February 21, 15:51 UTC

Hello, I am Muskan, 2nd year UG student from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University. My teammate, Amulya and I are really interested in contributing to this project. It is an indispensable matter to save food for sustainable living. We have experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and are currently learning other skills required for this project.

We would love to contribute , Looking forward to your apt response.

mariamninsiima, Tuesday, February 20, 13:20 UTC

helo! am Mariam Ninsiima -a software engineer at Makerere university .I and my team mate ,we are really interested in this idea because food saving is one thing that is highly needed of late due to the weather changes in our climate.This would improve peoples ways of living hence improving our community.We have experience in HTML, CSS , Javascript ,Python and Django.
Looking forward to going with you .Thank you

Sanchita Gujral, Wednesday, February 14, 06:15 UTC

Hi. I'm Sanchita Gujral- an Information Technology junior at Indraprastha University, Delhi(India). My teammate(Preeti Gujral, currently working in NIIT Technologies Ltd) are applying for Rails Girls Summer of code and we're very much interested to work on Karrot since it is a great platform to give back to the community in some way. We have a good experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Django. We will play with the project and make ourselves familiar with it.
Looking forward for a favorable response!

Tanisha Mittal, Thursday, February 8, 15:13 UTC

Hello, I am Tanisha. My team mate Krupa and me are interested in working on this project as this project truly resonates our goal of ultimately developing a platform to help people in our society. Foodsaving is a great initiative to begin with. I have already worked on a number of projects to hep chronic pain patients using VR and have developed a project to help physically disabled people train to use prosthetics.
We are already learning React and wish to definitely assist on this project. We are quite experienced in using HTML,CSS and JavaScript and have built websites as a part of our college curriculum. We both know Python as well.

So we would definitely like to be a part of this wonderful project and would like to know if we can already contribute in some way or the other. Thank you.

Pooja Agarwal, Thursday, February 8, 08:46 UTC

Hello Tilmann!
After reading about the project me and my teammate Anisha are really excited about the project to contribute. Its really a good project and we have the skillset as per requirement. I am a beginner in VueJS and my teammate is working in Django and have experience with html, css and frameworks like Javascript. I have not much experience working in VueJS yet I am confident that I can give my best to work on this project.

Tilmann Becker, Tuesday, February 6, 13:50 UTC

Hi Neha,
this project is open for applicants :)

Hi Simran,
thanks for your nice introduction :) Let's continue chatting in the yunity Slack, channel #karrot-dev

Anisha Agrawal, Tuesday, February 6, 13:35 UTC

Hello !
After reading about the project me and my teammate Pooja , really liked the idea of this project and are interested to work on this project .

Neha Jha, Sunday, February 4, 15:11 UTC

Hi! Is this project open or a team has already been considered?

Simran Pandey, Sunday, February 4, 12:23 UTC

Hi Tilmann!

After reading about the project me and my teammate Anjali, feel excited at the thought of associating with this social cause and to contribute to its growth. A quick intro about the team - we meet your specifications either way; I'm experienced with JavaScript and she works with the django web framework. Additionally I have experience in the field of UI/UX and my past project involved working extensively with Python and designing tools to Ideate and build a Disambiguation based keyboard for Blinds. Would love to connect with you over some channel to discuss further about this exciting opportunity.