MentorRachel Green (rlgreen91)
Project Websitehttp://ebwiki.org
Project Repositoryhttp://github.com/EBWiki/EBWiki
Suitable for Beginners?yes
Tagsruby ruby on rails
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Code of Conducthttps://github.com/EBWiki/EBWiki/blob/master/docs/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md
LicenseApache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)

Project Description

There has long been distrust between local law enforcement agencies and black communities around the United States, stemming from issues of both perceived and actual injustice due to racial bias. After the Walter Scott video was released showing the vast discrepancy between the official report of the encounter and the video, a group of Black technologists had the idea of a site where information on each encounter could be stored and recorded. This would help show both the frequency with which this occurs as well as the way bias affects the proceedings.

EBWiki is the fulfillment of that idea, a website where users can enter information on any police-citizen interaction that results in the death of a citizen that is a person of color. Any user is free to enter information, and by no means is limited to only reporting the incidents - we also encourage users to enter relevant information that occurs in the aftermath, such as vigils, court proceedings, etc. Our hope is that by providing a source of information on these cases, we may shed light on the unconscious biases within our law enforcement and criminal justice systems and begin to work on solutions to these problems.

Project's Requirements

Ideally, students should have experience with Ruby on Rails. We would also greatly appreciate experience with Javascript, CSS, and HTML.

Tasks And Features

Our issues can be found here.

A lot of work will probably center around improving the UI and UX of the site - we'll be updating the design of the site soon. We'll also be looking to improve the accessibility of the site. There will also most likely be work on the search functionality of the site as well. A small amount of work related to documentation and on-boarding as well.


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Tripti Shukla, Wednesday, February 28, 10:39 UTC

Hello Rachel,
My partner Sneha and I am very passionate about coding and especially when it comes to webpage designing and improvements.We have quite a good experience in handling things like this and so we would love to contribute towards it with our ideas and themes and make it as great as it sounds.
We both have skills on Ruby on rails,html,CSS , JavaScript ,Angularjs etc

Rahma Abdi, Wednesday, February 28, 07:16 UTC

Hello Rachel,
My partner rachel and I are very passionate about this project.This is also a major problem in our community.We also had few ideas that we would love to add on this project.We have emailed you for more details.
We both have skills on ruby on rails, javascript,CSS and HTML.

Juhi-0711, Friday, February 23, 20:20 UTC

Hi Rachel!
We are a team from IIITB (India). We have a basic understanding of Ruby on Rails but we are have expertise of a multitude of programming languages (Therefore, it will be easier for us to get acquainted with Ruby). We are also comfortable with HTML,CSS and Javascript. Even though we are Indians, we have an idea about the issue at hand. We have especially tried to keep up with the BLM movement. As a developing country, we experience similar issues at hand and thus, we would love to contribute to the cause in any way we can.
Hopefully, we get an opportunity to work together soon.
Thank You
Juhi and Anagha

aditiav, Monday, February 19, 13:46 UTC

Hello Rachel,

Myself, Aditi V and Maria Laura recently took the Ruby on Rails workshop. Bot of us have a knowledge of HTML and CSS. Hence I feel this project will help us to broaden our understanding of Ruby on Rails. Hope to hear from you soon.Aditi

StellaMaris Njage, Friday, February 9, 09:41 UTC

Hi Rachel,
I was looking through the issues raised and I would like to inquire if there are particular features you would love to be worked on during the internship period or we will be dealing with the issues that have already been raised.
About us
My partner Rachel and I both understand the MVC structure and good understanding of Ruby on Rails, CCS3, HTML5, git and GitHub and also have basics in JS. We would love to hear from you soon as we discuss more regarding the project.