stretchly - break time reminder app

MentorJan Hovancik (hovancik)
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Suitable for Beginners?yes
Tagsnodejs electronjs css html javascript
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Project Description

stretchly is cross-platform electron app that reminds you to take breaks when working with computer.

Join the chat at

Project's Requirements

Student should be able to use/understand NodeJS and ElectronJS APIs. The knowledge of CSS, HTML and javasript is needed for frontend tasks as well.

Student should be familiar with Github's workflow: creating PRs, Issues, using git.

Tasks And Features

Students can work on not yet solved issues and new features, based on their interest. To name a few, student could work on:

  • localization of break ideas
  • better testing suite
  • automatic multiplatform builds
  • app autoupdate
  • ability to create profiles
  • color picker for themes
  • history/timeline and stats about breaks
  • project logo could be polished (if students have some graphic skills)
  • update project webiste with links to the latest builds for specific os/platform


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SondosSalah, Thursday, April 12, 12:25 UTC

Hi Jan, I am Sondos and my Team mate, " team Aubergines" are interested in the project and we are ready to learn all the stuff mentioned before . we have basics of HTML & CSS & JS & basics python & basics c++ . according to other technologies we have read some about them and learning them will not be a trouble in our way to complete the challenge we are looking forward to hearing from you soon .
Thank You

Reshu Singh, Monday, February 26, 17:26 UTC

Hi Jan! Me and my team mate ,team "ARStar" would like to contribute to this project. We are versed with HTML,CSS,MySQL,Node.js
Looking forward to it.

Muskan Sapolia, Wednesday, February 21, 16:00 UTC

Hello, I am Muskan, 2nd year UG student from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University. My teammate, Amulya and I are really interested in contributing to this project. I have some experience in making websites using technologies like HTML, CSS, JS etc. and on the other hand my teammate is well versed with android application development(kotlin). We are currently learning other skills required for this project. It would be an amazing idea about taking regular breaks and get refreshed to work efficiently.

We would love to contribute to this project , Looking forward to your apt response.

Jan Hovancik, Thursday, February 15, 15:57 UTC

Thanks everyone for the interest ;] On project's github page, there is a link to the gitter chat, where we can talk ;]

Al Leuca, Wednesday, February 14, 16:11 UTC

Hi Jan! My teammate Sabine and I would love to work on this project :) We love the idea of creating an app that reminds people to take a step back and relax.

Sabine and I have just gone through an intensive web-dev bootcamp in the last 6 months, and code in Node.js, JS, HTML, CSS, express, React, Redux, RESTful APIs, MongoDB and PostgreSQL. Sabine also has a background in digital design, and I have a background in analytics and marketing. We have 3 wonderful coaches joining our team, both full-stack and front-end, and we're really excited to work with them. We're all based in Amsterdam.

We'd love to get in touch and discuss your project further if you're up for it!

ANISHA SWAIN, Friday, February 2, 19:27 UTC

I would like to work on the project. I am experienced with NodeJS, D3JS, Express framework, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap with MongoDB and MySQL. Though I am new to ElectronJS, yet I am confident enough to develop my skills in ElectronJS. Thank You