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Project Description

Public Lab is a small non-profit which supports communities facing environmental problems. Our work involves open source hardware, developed collaboratively across our network of community groups, environmental advocates, scientists, and organizers -- and the software we create supports their work in collecting, analyzing and understanding environmental problems. is a collaborative platform for online environmental problem-solving, and the main project we develop code for as part of our Summer of Code programs. However we also have a number of smaller projects which support this mission, listed at:

We also have resources up at these pages:

We especially welcome contributions from people from groups underrepresented in free and open source software. We also welcome first-time contributors and seek to provide support and encouragement for those building their skills.

Project's Requirements

Students should ideally be familiar with the conventions of Ruby on Rails application development AND/OR JavaScript/Node.js development. But we have a variety of onboarding and welcoming exercises and support materials for anyone seeking to build their skills -- please see this page and the associated "first-timers-only" issues:

Tasks And Features

We have a list of project ideas here: all of which we're looking for help with. There are also a wide variety of features and individual issues to solve at these URLs:


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Jeffrey Warren, Monday, March 12, 23:24 UTC

Super, glad to hear from you all! Please do post a proposal at the link below, as well as on the RGSoC site -- thank you! We'd love to have your help!

Soniya Vyas, Thursday, March 1, 07:36 UTC

Hi Jeffrey,
I and my team-mate Shital Mule would like to work on this project. We would be glad to help the community with some of our contributions. Looking forward towards it.

Thanks & Regards,
Soniya & Shital

Алена, Tuesday, February 27, 19:44 UTC

my teammate Vera and I would be excited to work on your project. As pepole who are influenced by inviromental environmental problems we feel the importance of the issue and wish we could contribute to solving problems of this field.
We are quite experienced with Python, not that much with Ruby but we are willing to acquire new skills, we are good at learning new stuff and smart when it comes to appying it on practice.

Jeffrey Warren, Tuesday, February 27, 19:37 UTC

OK, i left some responses -- please folks, don't forget to post your proposals here for feedback, even as you submit via the RGSoC system as well:

The public community input is important to us and we appreciate your using this system as well!

Thanks again!

Jeffrey Warren, Tuesday, February 27, 18:33 UTC

Ah, i see the deadline is tomorrow -- will reply to the RGSoC proposals today then. Thanks!

Jeffrey Warren, Tuesday, February 27, 18:32 UTC

Great to hear, Camila! I'm hoping to go through them tomorrow. Thanks a lot!

Camila Araújo, Friday, February 23, 05:57 UTC

Hi Jeffrey! Me and my teammate have just posted the first version of our proposal! We would like to receive some feedback. Thank you!

Jeffrey Warren, Thursday, February 15, 23:11 UTC

Hello! Sorry i was traveling and just got logged back in here. So glad to see all the interest! Hi StellaMaris!!!

We'd love to have any and all of you try a first contribution to get a feel for working with our community. It looks like some of you have already begun!

We're very friendly and are very happy to help you get started:

We also just posted our call for proposals:

Take a look and ask questions over there too! Thanks all!

MittalS211, Monday, February 12, 01:51 UTC

My teammate Anshima and I would love to work with you on this project, as environment degradation is an issue we are both sensitive towards. Using the technological factor to tackle this issue is what intrigued us the most about this project. We are both learning Ruby these days, and are already working with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. We have already started work on a first-timer issue from your git. We would love to hear from you!
Srishty Mittal

rachaelikteme, Friday, February 9, 14:12 UTC

Stellamaris and I would love to work on the project. We are both proficient in Ruby on Rails, git and github. Environmental problem is a key issue we have always been interested in knowing how to solve, and working on this project will enable us to learn and gain more knowledge on how to look into issues in a technological angle as developers. We also great mathematicians, the maths skills will help us understand environmental problems better resulting to a greater project. Thank you

StellaMaris Njage, Friday, February 9, 09:34 UTC

Hello Jeff, my partner Rachel and I would love to work on this project. We both have both cloned the project and the issues found while installing have been raised on Gitter. We are already working on a first timer issue to help her familiarize with the project. We have also identified upgrading to Rails 5 as a suitable feature to work on. Hoping to hear from you soon regarding the project. We both have a good understanding of MVC and Ruby on Rails and also git and GitHub. Thank you.

Paarmita Bhargava, Thursday, February 8, 17:28 UTC

Saloni and I love to work on the projects that are related to environmental issues.We have experience with Ruby on Rails and are familiar with the codebase and application development.We also have appreciable knowledge in HTML,CSS,JS,Bootstrap(front end)and git.We are willing to learn more new things.
Please guide us on how we can contribute to the same. :)

Tanisha Mittal, Thursday, February 8, 15:21 UTC

Hello, I am Tanisha. My team mate Krupa and me are interested in working on this project as this project truly resonates our goal of ultimately developing a platform to help people in our society. Combatting environmental problems in the need of the hour for a better quality of life for the future generations. I have already worked on a number of projects to hep chronic pain patients using VR and have developed a project to help physically disabled people train to use prosthetics.
We are already learning Ruby On Rails and wish to definitely assist on this project. We are quite experienced in using HTML,CSS and JavaScript and have built websites as a part of our college curriculum.

So we would definitely like to be a part of this wonderful project and would like to know if we can already contribute in some way or the other. Thank you.

Gayathri, Sunday, February 4, 10:34 UTC


Varsha and I love to work on projects that help to society in real life and this project supports and has an idea to change up the society to a better way .We have experience with Ruby on Rails and are familiar with the codebase and application development.We also have appreciable knowledge in HTML,CSS,JS,Bootstrap(front end).

Atibhi Agrawal, Saturday, February 3, 12:57 UTC

Hi !

Prateksha and I are Ruby enthusiasts and would love to work on this project. We have past experience with Ruby and are looking to learn more and enhance our knowlege. Apart from Ruby, we know javascript,HTML,CSS .
It would also be really cool to work on a project that seeks to change how people see the world in environmental, social, and political terms.

Thanks !

Jeffrey Warren, Sunday, January 21, 19:42 UTC

Happy to answer any questions -- thanks, we love RGSoC and are excited at the opportunity to participate!