MentorAditya Chatterjee (AdiChat)
Project Websitehttps://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/opengenus-offline-search/lfoloadpfjildomeafpdopahkdaoofbn
Project Repositoryhttps://github.com/OpenGenus/quark
Suitable for Beginners?yes
Tagsjavascript html css json extension offline search engine learning app git
Applications (1st Choice)13 (13 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Applications (2nd Choice)6 (6 submitted | 0 in-progress)
Code of Conducthttps://github.com/OpenGenus/quark/blob/master/.github/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md
LicenseGNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

Project Description

Quark is an offline code search engine with the following core beliefs:

  • Enable people to work offline for a longer stretch
  • Reduce the time spend on searching
  • Increase the time spend on learning, discussing and socializing

Our vision is to take Quark to be the primary resource for offline scenario while maintaining the same online experience and enable people to continue their work. Currently, Quark comes as a chrome extension and we have plans to support other browsers and serve as desktop and mobile apps as well. The best part is that work done a particular platform is portable to other platforms as well.

Quark is a prospective project as every generation of students does the same search and if we trap the best results, then the next generation's time spend on learning can be increased.

We believe: "Learning should continue even if Internet connection is dropped."

Quark is a sister project of Cosmos and is powered by OpenGenus Foundation which is an open-source non-profit organization focussed on enabling people to work offline for a longer stretch, revolutionize the way people interact with code and decentralize the open-source environment. Over 800 people have contributed to our missions and we aim to keep our work as accessible and contributor friendly as possible. We are sponsored by Discourse and GitHub.

Additional mentors for this project include:

  • Ernest Chang (iattempt)
  • Abdous Kamel (abdouskamel)

Get in touch with us at team@opengenus.org and join our Slack workspace.

Project's Requirements

The contribution process is designed in a way to empower beginners to make great impact. Having experience in building browser extensions or desktop apps is helpful but is not a necessity. This can be gained in the process. We, strongly, believe in the philosophy of learning by doing and it is never late to do something.

The contribution process is simple yet powerful. Therefore, students coming from a wide range of experience, culture, education and passion are warmly welcomed.

Few skills which are good to have but are not necessary:

  • Experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Interested in developing browser extensions and desktop apps

At the end, I would like to mention that a passion to contribute to this new generation search engine is enough to become a core contributor at OpenGenus Foundation.

We hope to see you as an integral part of our community.

Tasks And Features

Tasks for students include:

  • Develop a framework to answer instant code queries based on data from StackOverflow. While coding, people encounter the same basic issues on multiple occasions. The proposal is to store crowd-sourced data from StackOverflow, so, that Quark can answer a wide range of queries. Being limited by memory, we can store limited information but with efficient answering strategy, most of the queries can be answered. This should, also, provide concise information for a particular query. For instance, if a user searches machine learning, then irrespective of the search results, a concise information must be presented to the user. This will enhance user experience and learning.

  • Create an offline framework to solve problems offline. The basic idea is to provide an offline version of dynamic sites like ProjectEuler by linking Quark with the local working environment. This will enable us to port online free course (from sites like Coursera) into offline version as a part of Quark which will be a great boost in the learning experience.

  • Create a framework for integrating offline apps such as a calculator, a stopwatch, timezone converter and many others with the search results.

  • Motivation, enjoyment and relaxation are crucial for a successful learning experience. In order to achieve this, the app/ extension must work in the background while online to develop a mental mapping of the user in order to understand the mental state. Accordingly, the search results while offline will be tuned to make the mental state of the user better.

Students can suggest new ideas and paths and can work on those as well.


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Aditya Chatterjee, Tuesday, February 27, 19:07 UTC

Hopefully, we have answered all queries through email and our Slack workspace. Enjoy contributing to OpenGenus. Best of luck everyone.

Riya Bhatia, Tuesday, February 27, 10:33 UTC

Hello Sir
My partner Deeksha and I, Riya, are interested in working on this project. We are skilled in front-end and backend technologies. My partner is working in machine learning and we are exploring search engine optimization also. Please let us know how we can contribute to your communitee, we are enthusiastic about this project. Looking forward to a positive response :)
Team CodeDivas

Navneet Priya, Monday, February 26, 11:07 UTC

Hi Aditya, the whole concept is very nice and the tasks that you have mentioned will definitely give a new and better scope to the project. My team would love to contribute on this project to fulfill the tasks as well as improve the UI/UX of the current chrome extension available. Hope to hear back from you soon.

Nishtha Singhal, Thursday, February 22, 19:05 UTC

Hi Aditya!
My team-mate Varnika and I, students from IIIT-Delhi, are very interested in the idea and concept behind Quark. It really interests us and we cannot wait to start contributing! Please let us know how to do the same? We have experience in Python, Java and C and also have some experience in HTML + CSS. We are willing to develop and widen are skills as and when this project requires us to. We would also like to explore the opportunities we'll have here as someone interested in Computer Science and Design, could you tell us about them?
Looking forward to hearing back from you.
Team Codesign

Andrea Muñoz Liy, Wednesday, February 21, 20:26 UTC

Hi Aditya, my partner Elena and I, are very interested on contributing to this project. We think that is very interesting creating offline tools.
We have experience on HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular 2, Bootstrap, Git, Ruby, PHP and C languages group.
We would like to be part of this project in any of the features that you listed above.
Andrea from the team Xolocoders. ☺

Aditi Sharma, Tuesday, February 20, 19:10 UTC

Hello Aditya,
my team mate Aastha and I, Aditi, are interested in working on this project during RGSOC'18. The idea and purpose of the project in itself is unique and interesting. We both have working knowledge of python and java. Owing to past projects, we have experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript too. Really looking forward to being a part of this project.
Thanks & Regards,
Team DevGals

Ruchi Sheth, Sunday, February 18, 21:53 UTC

My partner, Margaret, and I, Ruchi, would love to work with your on this project. We both have knowledge in HTML, CSS, and Javascript through some basic websites that we have worked on. We both are proficient in Python and Java as well. We are excited to learn any new technologies, or languages that will needed in order to make a contribution to your project. We're excited to hear back from you.
Thank you!!

MittalS211, Friday, February 16, 10:22 UTC

My teammate Anshima and I are really interested in this idea! Since we are active self learners, we realise the importance of such facilities to be provided to students.
We are proficient in HTML,CSS and JavaScript. We also know Python and Java. We are currently learning Ruby.
We are very eager to learn and would love to further our contact!
Thank you.
Srishty Mittal

kavya-jain, Monday, February 5, 05:37 UTC

Hi Aditya,
Tanya and I are interested in working on your project. We really liked the concept of it. We have experience in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Looking forward to hearing from you.